Altitude course in Warsaw

Altitude Training takes place in our training hall in Warsaw or on the premises of the client's company. The course organized by our center consists of parts:

  • Theoretical
  • Practical
  • Exam

All parts of the course take place in our training hall in Warsaw or at the client's company - free travel to the client. The Altitude Training always ends with an exam. Our trainers thoroughly prepare for passing the exam, both in theoretical and practical parts.

We conduct the altitude course in two categories:

Rope access:

Rope access classes are intended for people who want to perform works such as mounting advertisements and other assembly works, painting the facade and other structures at height, trimming trees, cutting trees, washing windows at a height, removing snow from roofs, servicing masts.

Building access

Construction access classes are aimed at people who have to climb certain elements to reach their workplace, for example on scaffolding, ladders or platforms. They are used in areas such as construction, roofing, electricity and telecommunications.

Who needs permission to work at height?

When you are going to do mountaineering work, our altitude course is the best choice! In order to start working as an industrial climber or work in other professions related to the use of mountaineering equipment, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate qualifications.

Altitude training price

The current price of the altitude training is determined by phone.
Please contact us at:

Training topics

Each course consists of a theoretical and practical part. During the classes, all topics related to work at height are discussed, including health and safety issues, equipment handling, hazards, and appropriate belaying. We place great emphasis on practical exercises so that the participants of the training can be comprehensively prepared for their duties.

After the training, the participants take part in the exam. If you pass it, you will be entitled to work at height. These rights are valid for a period of 3 years. After this time, they must be renewed on a booster course.


The altitude license course is intended for people who meet the following requirements:

  • are over 18 years old
  • have completed at least primary school
  • they have no medical contraindications for working at height

Where do we operate?

We carry out courses for altitude license in Poland and in any place indicated by our clients - we commute to the place all over the country. The main seat of our Center is Warsaw.

REGISTRATION: +48 504 477 077