HDS equipment

HDS - Hydraulic Truck Crane is a type of crane that is attached to a truck or semi-trailer and helps with loading and unloading materials. These types of cranes are used, among other things, for transport, reloading and assembly works. They are also used in mining, metallurgy and forestry, helping to transport loads up to several dozen tons depending on the type of crane.

Thanks to HDS devices, it is possible to transport such objects and materials as:

  • Building Materials
  • prefabricated concrete and formwork
  • ceilings, lintels
  • containers and barracks
  • construction, agricultural and other machinery

Hydraulic car cranes consist of a column that rotates on the base and a boom that sits on it. They are generally installed on trailers or directly on vehicles. Thanks to them, reloading can be performed without the use of additional cranes.

Currently, this type of equipment is used in many Polish enterprises, and the demand for operators of portable hydraulic cranes is still at a high level. Decide to invest in your future by signing up for HDS courseis a good option. Operators are sought both in Poland and in other countries.

To operate hydraulic truck cranes, you need HDS qualification. They are issued on the basis of a completed course and a successfully passed examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. If you are interested in a HDS operator course, we invite you to take a look at our offer!

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