Exam G1, G2, G3

The examination before the selected SEP examination committee up to 1kV is conducted by the committees of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers throughout the country. Before approaching it, it is worth knowing the provisions for each category. For the exam, questions are put in accordance with the categories G1, G2 or G3. The questions are prepared by the committee. The exam is an oral answer to the questions asked along with the development of the statement. We provide our students with materials for the G1, G2, G3 exam to make their preparation even easier. We also publish questions that help you review materials and increase the chances of a positive result. The questions are repeated to a large extent, so reworking the topics proposed by us will make it easier to pass.

Examination payable independently of the course. For the G1, G2, G3 1 kV exam you pay 1/10 of the minimum education. Currently, the price for the exam is PLN 168. On the "SEP exam" website, you can also find out about the requirements and the documents to be submitted and the deadlines for their delivery. We are available to assist if required.

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