Hook signaller

Work that requires suspending and unhitching loads, as well as signaling these activities, are carried out by persons with appropriate qualifications at the hook whistleblower position. Currently, work of this type is carried out in many plants, including construction sites, shipyards, and short-distance transport.

Duties of a hook whistleblower:

  • safe suspension and unhitching of loads from the slings
  • initiation of crane movement, if required
  • device status monitoring
  • use of signs and signaling signals

It is the skills and compliance with the procedures at the workplace that determine the level of safety of both the hook whistleblower and his colleagues. When suspending and hanging up loads, the hook signalman must simultaneously monitor the condition of the entire machine in order to signal the danger to the supervisor if necessary. A hook whistleblower must have knowledge of occupational health and safety at his position, he must be able to estimate the weight of the load and adjust the appropriate type of sling to it. He should also be able to designate transport routes for various types of oversized cargo to avoid dangerous situations.

The qualifications of a hook whistleblower obtained after the course allow you to be employed at the position while carrying out works with the use of lifting devices. If you are interested in learning in this field, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. At OSO, we have over a dozen years of experience in running courses for the hook and whistleblower position. We invite!

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