Entitlements G1, G2, G3

With us you will get UDT qualifications - Warsaw and the whole of Poland

We encourage you to enroll in the G1, G2, G3 courses SPA Operators Training Center! If you want to get 1 kV allowances, then our offer is the best solution. Our main goal is comprehensive vocational training of the participants of our classes. Thanks to us, you can obtain electrical qualifications without any problems - we teach so that passing the exam is only a formality!

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers is a non-governmental organization that works for public and social benefit. It brings together electricians of all specializations and people related to the industry, organizing seminars and preparatory courses, as well as organizing exams for 1kV and above 1kV qualifications. Its certificates are honored by employers looking for employees for positions related to the operation, operation, measurement and supervision of networks, installations and electrical, heating and gas devices.

Entitlements are broadcast in three categories:

  • G1 - power engineering
  • G2 - heat
  • G3 - gases

In these three categories, we also conduct our classes at the SPA. After completing the studies and passing the exam, the 1kV qualifications are granted for 5 years. After their expiry, it is necessary to renew them. In our Center, you can take advantage of the classes both as a beginner and in order to update and expand your knowledge.

G1 - power engineering

Thanks to this course, you can obtain power licenses for all types of equipment, installations and power networks. During the course, topics related to the creation and operation of electrical power installations and equipment, control and measurement works, technical conditions, principles of operation and construction, health and safety, as well as regulations related to technical documentation for networks, installations and devices are discussed. After passing the exam, electrical qualifications up to 1kV are granted.

G2 - heat

It is a thermal training on supervision, operation and operation of equipment for processing, consumption, production and transmission of thermal energy. Topics include, in particular, the rules for preparing connections, construction, operation, programming and technical conditions for devices, installations and networks. Additionally, the classes include information related to inspections, measurements, preparation of documentation and health and safety rules.

G3 - gases

The aim of the course is electrical construction qualifications for the operation, supervision and operation of installations, networks and equipment that are used for processing, transporting, consuming, producing and storing gas. The course covers issues such as preparation of connections, programming, construction, technical conditions, control and measurements of gas devices, networks and installations. In addition, the subject matter includes occupational health and safety regulations.

We have several years of experience in conducting trainings. We always make sure that learning with us is comfortable, effective and at the same time does not entail significant costs for each client. We organize courses throughout Poland, providing professional support for anyone who would like to obtain appropriate certificates from the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.

  • course G1, G2, G3 Warsaw and the whole of Poland - we conduct classes in our center in Warsaw, as well as in our branches in Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. We are also able to organize classes in any place - we travel to our clients all over the country
  • electric, heat, gas qualifications price - we always provide affordable prices for services, we enable their individual negotiation. Prices depend on the number of participants, so we are able to provide encouraging discounts for larger groups. For pricing information please contact us contacting us. The exam is additionally payable
  • electric, heat and gas qualifications Warsaw - we cooperate with the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers in Warsaw, as well as with branches of the organization throughout Poland. We organize 1kV exams for our clients at convenient times

In case of any questions related to our offer, we are always at your disposal and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. We also encourage you to contact us to agree on all formal issues related to the implementation of classes for closed groups.

We hope that our training services will meet all your expectations, both in terms of quality and, additionally, prices. We invite you to the course at the OSO Center!

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