CO cooker and boiler burner course

cooker and boiler fitter

About the CSO offer

Our centre offers a CO-burner course, where you can obtain special qualifications for this profession and learn what the whole process is about. In our country, central heating systems are used to heat single-family homes, as well as residential buildings, schools and so on. These include small furnaces as well as larger machines. The work of a stoker requires appropriate qualifications and responsibility on the part of the employee.  

We will teach you: 

  • health and safety rules,  
  • the correct reading of results from the measuring apparatus,  
  • starting up central heating boilers and monitoring their operation,  
  • monitoring the correct operation of the boilers, 
  • information on the fuel supply system, temperature, pressure and correct air draught.  

Requirements for candidates 

In addition to undergoing the appropriate training and passing the state exam, you must: 

  • be a physically fit person,  
  • be at least 18 years old,  
  • have a minimum of vocational training. 

Working as a furnace stoker 

man during operation of co

Regardless of the power of your boiler, when you take up a job as a stoker you need to be familiar with special instruction. On our course, you will learn how to control the efficiency of the system and how to ensure the safety of everyone in your workplace. In most companies, the primary job of a stoker is to operate boilers. However, this also depends on your previous seniority, experience and qualifications. For many years, people for the position of stoker have been in constant demand due to the climate in our region. If you are qualified for water grate boilers and gas boilers, steam boilers or ordinary cookers, you will easily find a job in this position. 

How do you get the right qualifications? 

With us, you will gain qualifications for a smoker's job by taking individual or group training. We travel to customers all over the country. If you would like to train your employees and organise a course at your company's premises - email or call us. We offer attractive prices and discounts for groups. Get an initial idea of the topics that will be covered during the course at our training centre: 

Health and safety rules Organisation of the smoker's workDiagram of the boiler room
Provisions on technical supervisionResponsibilities of cooker burnersOperation of boilers
Steam and hot water equipmentThermal installations and networksSolid and liquid fuels
Fittings and materials Keeping a register of meter readingsOther thermal technology news

Heating entitlements

The certificate also gives the right to supervise and inspect thermal networks and installations, heat exchangers, operate liquid and solid fuel boilers, industrial furnaces, operate compressors, fans, blowers, pumps and sumps.  

A heating licence will allow you to:  

  • Service,  
  • assembly,  
  • minor renovations,  
  • maintenance,  
  • inspection and measurement work on heating installations,  
  • supervision of the correct functioning of the cooker.  

How long are the entitlements valid? 

A smoker's licence is valid for five years. After this time, they must be renewed by attending a new training course.  

Why choose our Centre? 

It is worth taking note of our offer. In addition to an attractive price and a certificate of competence, we can offer you to learn under the guidance of experienced and qualified instructors. We enrol course participants in person for the examination by prior arrangement of the date. The opinions of our graduates who have taken part in training courses organised at our centre are a guarantee of the highest quality of our services.  

What are the salaries for this position? 

Earnings for a smoker's position vary primarily in terms of the duties to be performed, but also in terms of the size of the company that employs the employee in the position. Previous seniority, experience and qualifications may also play a role. Today's dwellings are insulated by a central heating system powered by boilers. If you want to improve your competitiveness on the labour market and acquire a trade that is always useful in most buildings, you should think about enrolling in a training course to become a central heating cooker and boiler burner.

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