Energy training - G2ED seminar

steam boiler repair.

The "OSO" training centre provides courses and training in the operation and supervision of electricity, heat and gas installations and networks throughout Poland. The G2ED course is designed to provide knowledge and skills in the operation of installations and networks of equipment that generate, transmit, process and consume heat.

Our staff of specialists will help you to obtain your G1, G2 and G3 licences in supervision and/or operation.


Training at our training centre is conducted in theoretical and practical form. Once the lectures are over, the participant goes on to practise their practical skills, under the guidance of our specialists.

Examination of operation, includes knowledge of:

  • technical conditions for operating heat installations and networks
  • instructions and operation of plant and thermal network equipment
  • principles for control, measurement and assembly work
  • principles of occupational health and safety and fire safety
  • emergency response and first aid.

Examination of supervision includes topics such as:

  • principles for the programming of thermal installations and networks, taking into account the principles of rational use of energy and fuel
  • connection of equipment and installations to the network
  • heat network installation.steam and water turbines in excess of 50 kW
  • regulations for the supply of energy and fuels
  • maintenance and operation of thermal plants and networks
  • maintenance of technical documentation
  • compressors over 20 kW
  • rules of conduct in the event of an accident, emergency
  • standards and regulations for the construction of plants, installations and networks
  • Health, safety and fire protection rules
  • conditions for carrying out inspection, measurement and assembly work.

Once the training at the centre has been completed, the trainee takes an examination before a state commission.

Examination and entitlement

The examination tests theoretical and practical knowledge before an examination board appointed by, among others, SEP, SIMP, PSE, SITPS. The participant has the right to choose before which board he/she wishes to pass the exam.

The qualification certificate is valid for five years after its issue.

Who is the course aimed at?

The training is dedicated to anyone wishing to improve their professional or staff qualifications. The training is addressed to people involved in the operation and supervision of equipment, installations and thermal networks, in particular to:

  • boiler stokers
  • service technicians
  • fitters
  • Installers.

installation of a solid-fuel boiler.


The G1 electrical course is designed for those involved in the energy industry. The participant will become familiar with the operation, maintenance, repair, installation of networks and equipment of installations above 1kV.


The G2 energy course is aimed at boiler stokers, fitters, service technicians, installers and other persons involved in the operation or supervision of equipment of thermal installations and networks. The qualification allows you to carry out repair, assembly and inspection and measurement work on steam and water boilers for solid, gaseous and liquid fuels.


The G3 gas training course is intended for persons engaged in the supervision and operation of equipment of gas generating, transmitting, processing and consuming installations and networks. The qualification allows for the operation, maintenance, repair, installation and measurement control of gas networks up to 0.5 MP and above and gas appliances and installations with pressures up to or above 5 kPa.


The conditions of participation in the training are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least basic education
  • a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to exercising the profession.

Other professional courses include:

  • G3ED qualification course
  • course for excavator operators
  • course on working at heights
  • scaffolding maintenance course.

Questions and answers

How many years are G2E entitlements valid for?

The G2E qualification is valid for 5 years from issue, after 5 years you must retake the exam.

Before which examination board do I sit the G2ED examination?

The course participant has the right to choose the commission before which he or she wishes to take the examination, these include the SEP, SIMP, PSE, SITPS.

Where is the G2ED training provided?

Training is carried out at our training centre in Warsaw or with the client travelling to the address indicated.

What kind of work can you do after completing G2ED training?

After completing the G2ED training, you can, among other things, carry out repair, maintenance and installation work on thermal installations and networks.

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