Maintenance of loading platforms, including for passenger transport

Maintainer of loading platforms.
Loading platforms Loading platforms, commonly referred to as loading platforms, are materials handling equipment that are used for transporting cargo and people. These platforms are typically used on delivery trucks, in warehouses or logistics centres. MaintenanceThe person referred to as a maintenance person for loading platforms must be certified by the Office of Technical Inspection. This qualification can be obtained after passing a course at the time and after passing an examination for a...

Health and safety course plan

Safe workplace
Health and safety at work means Occupational Health and Safety. These are conditions that must necessarily be observed whenever and wherever work is to be done. In schools, too, health and safety must be explained and required to be observed by all students. Do not eat in the laboratory, do not drink chemical solutions, wear safety glasses. And many other examples that may be obvious to most adults, to children it has to be explained from the beginning.Working adults also need to know about current health and safety standards. Even in service industries, accidents can occur if workers ...

Construction equipment:

photo of construction site
In fact, it is impossible to imagine any construction site without an excavator, scaffold and roller. Every construction site contains this equipment, which makes work incredibly easy and efficient. In fact, nowadays, without these pieces of equipment, some construction stages would be unfeasible. We encourage you to always take care of the equipment, as well as the qualifications of the people who will be carrying out the work in question. When we talk about construction machinery, we are also talking about safety. Take a look at today's article on construction machinery. Roller: What is a roller used for? What is this machine? We already have the answer! The roller is designed for ...

Why it is important to carry out maintenance checks on Hydraulic Truck Cranes

repair of HDS cranes
HDS cranes have been on the market for a very long time. It is only in recent years that they have gained in popularity. We use them for both loading and unloading various types of goods. Their compact design means that we can reach almost any location. This is a feature that sets HDS cranes apart from other cranes.Cranes are more or less technologically and structurally advanced machines. They require constant supervision and regular maintenance checks. HDS cranes are equipment that is subject to inspection by the Office of Technical Inspection. The efficiency of hydraulic cranes ...

What are flange connections?

These are two opposing coaxial flanges joined by bolts. The type of connection depends on the type of flange, and often there may be a gasket between them. Connections made in this way are detachable and are a key part of any pressure apparatus. This is why it is so important that the flange connection is properly made according to the prepared design and in accordance with the requirements of the European Pressure Directive (PED). In this way, the resulting installation will guarantee safe and long service life. Flanged connections When selecting the type of flange connection, the flange...

Construction machinery

Excavator and equipment.
The role of construction machinery. New technological developments are improving the ergonomics, efficiency and speed of the work carried out on a construction site, and they are defined by construction machinery, i.e. machinery that facilitates the work of building construction. Used in road and rail construction, they are also used in the construction of airports. The function of the road roller is to compact soil and asphalt, thus creating a flat surface that is suitable for further work and also vehicle-friendly. With its use, both roads, extensive...

Photovoltaics - what, why, how and who can do it?

Resilience versus weather
Photovoltaics is a scientific field. It deals extensively with the conversion of sunlight into electricity, producing electricity from solar radiation.Photovoltaics is applicable despite its high costs. It is very important for ecological, but also practical reasons.How are photovoltaic panels made? The main raw material used in production is silicon wafer, but necessarily crystalline. A single panel is capable of generating a current of up to almost 7 volts. To increase the effects, the panels are combined in modules. One of the greatest advantages of the panels j...

What is TDT?

UNO operation
Expanding on the acronym, this is transport technical supervision. Equipment that is used in long-distance transport falls under this. This could be equipment installed on trains or cranes at railway stations. What is the scope of activities? Does it deal with? Transport technical supervision covers:Technical equipment installed in the railway area, in gliding railways and in railway sidings Passenger and freight railways and ski lifts Tanks, including tanks used in rail, road and inland waterway traffic....

What UDT stands for and what it does

UDT logo
The UDT is the Office of Technical Inspection - a state institution that was established to ensure the safety of any technical machinery together with installations that are subject to technical supervision. The foundation of the UDT is laid down in legal acts, primarily the Act of 21 December 2000, which speaks of technical supervision. From this Act we learn what the Office of Technical Inspection is responsible for. Its tasks include:controlling, monitoring and complying with regulations that concern the safety of use of technical equipment and on technical supervision conduct ...

Work on plastics - welding and sealing

Welded objects
In high-temperature work, there are many techniques for handling material. They often require specialised skills and involve different risks. This article will look at welding and welding methods on plastics, and more specifically two types of them, namely:electrofusion, butt welding.Classification of plastics There are several characteristics that determine whether a plastic will be suitable for different processes and these are, for example:low production costs of the material, ability to be processed and reprocessed, high tolerance to harmful ...