MIG welding, or mig welding

welder during MIG welding
Specifics of MIG/MAG weldingEveryone knows what welding is, but not so much MIG or MAG welding. Today, it is the most widely used method, covering 65% all industrial arc welding methods.MIG (Metal Insert Gas) welding is a method using only chemically inert gases such as argon or helium. When discussing MIG welding, it is impossible not to mention MAG welding (Metal Active Gas), which uses a chemically active gas. Let us remember that the most important thing is to choose the right form of welding, and this depends ...

Use of cranes in construction

construction site with tower cranes
Strengths of cranesThe last few years have seen a great development in the construction or industrial sector, which would not have been possible without these specialised machines. They are mainly associated with the construction industry, but they are also used in the construction of motorways or viaducts, as well as in the construction of high-rise buildings or railway stations. Their greatest advantage is their ability to carry very heavy loads.Machine specificationsBefore starting work, it is important to remember that these types of machines consist of fixed and variable parts. In the case of the latter, they must be adapted to the type of pr...

Functionality of the MMA welding method

welder during SMAV welding
Synonymous terms for the MMA (Manual Metal Arc Welding) method are:Metal Arc Welding with covered electrodes;SMAV welding;111 welding.How should arc electrode welding be carried out?Manual metal arc welding (SMAV) is a process in which a permanent connection is achieved by melting the weld material with an arc of a fusible covered electrode, with the help of heat. The mechanism of welding with a covered electrode begins when the act of so-called contact, i.e. contact between the weld material and the end of the electrode, occurs. This is when the electrode starts...

Telescopic handlers - what are they and what are they used for?

loader during work on the field
Telescopic handlersFor construction or agricultural work, specialised tools and machines are often needed to make the operators' work easier and faster. Telescopic loaders are one of these. Let's take a look at their advantages and use.Construction of a telehandlerA telehandler is nothing more than a specialised forklift truck. With a basic division, we divide these machines into two types:frontal,rotating.In the case of the front ones, the boom is located on the right side and the operator's cab is unruc...

What are HDS cranes?

Cranes are machines commonly used for handling work. Nowadays there are several types of cranes, adapted to work in different conditions. One of these is cranes using a hydraulic crane, commonly referred to as HDS cranes.In Poland, hydraulic cranes are among the equipment covered by technical supervision. This means that in order to be able to work with a HDS crane, one must first obtain the relevant authorisations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.Those wishing to broaden their professional competences or those of their employees are encouraged to contact the OSO company. We...

Use of the telehandler in agriculture

transport of hay by machine
A telehandler is otherwise known as a specialised forklift truck, which has an interchangeable boom. The use of these machines is very wide in various fields. Thanks to advances in technology, their work and applications are almost limitless. They are excellent at lifting heavy loads, even up to 20 tonnes, and placing them at a height of several tens of metres. Working with such a machine will significantly save our time and physical effort. The main task of the telehandler in agriculture is to load and transport bulky loads. In agriculture, the machine is most often used in...

Maintenance of loading platforms, including for passenger transport

Maintainer of loading platforms.
Loading platforms Loading platforms, commonly referred to as loading platforms, are materials handling equipment that are used for transporting cargo and people. These platforms are typically used on delivery trucks, in warehouses or logistics centres. MaintenanceThe person referred to as a maintenance person for loading platforms must be certified by the Office of Technical Inspection. This qualification can be obtained after passing a course at the time and after passing an examination for a...

Health and safety course plan

Safe workplace
Health and safety at work means Occupational Health and Safety. These are conditions that must necessarily be observed whenever and wherever work is to be done. In schools, too, health and safety must be explained and required to be observed by all students. Do not eat in the laboratory, do not drink chemical solutions, wear safety glasses. And many other examples that may be obvious to most adults, to children it has to be explained from the beginning.Working adults also need to know about current health and safety standards. Even in service industries, accidents can occur if workers ...

Construction equipment:

photo of construction site
In fact, it is impossible to imagine any construction site without an excavator, scaffold and roller. Every construction site contains this equipment, which makes work incredibly easy and efficient. In fact, nowadays, without these pieces of equipment, some construction stages would be unfeasible. We encourage you to always take care of the equipment, as well as the qualifications of the people who will be carrying out the work in question. When we talk about construction machinery, we are also talking about safety. Take a look at today's article on construction machinery. Roller: What is a roller used for? What is this machine? We already have the answer! The roller is designed for ...

Why it is important to carry out maintenance checks on Hydraulic Truck Cranes

repair of HDS cranes
HDS cranes have been on the market for a very long time. It is only in recent years that they have gained in popularity. We use them for both loading and unloading various types of goods. Their compact design means that we can reach almost any location. This is a feature that sets HDS cranes apart from other cranes.Cranes are more or less technologically and structurally advanced machines. They require constant supervision and regular maintenance checks. HDS cranes are equipment that is subject to inspection by the Office of Technical Inspection. The efficiency of hydraulic cranes ...