Use of the telehandler in agriculture

transport of hay by machineA telehandler is otherwise known as a specialised forklift truck, which has an interchangeable boom. The use of these machines is very wide in various fields. Thanks to advances in technology, their work and applications are almost limitless. They are excellent at lifting heavy loads, even up to 20 tonnes, and placing them at a height of several tens of metres. Working with such a machine will significantly save our time and physical effort.

The main task of the telehandler in agriculture is to load and transport bulky loads. In agriculture, a machine equipped with an articulated steering system is most often used; this enables complex manoeuvres to be carried out. The machine features interchangeable attachments so that we can change the functionality of the telehandler.

Telescopic handlers in agricultural work

Loading and unloading of hay bales

Without the use of a suitable machine, transporting heavy bales of hay is very time-consuming. A telehandler equipped with a grab or fork can easily do the job. With the appropriate attachments in place, the machine will easily load and later unload the load in the barn or warehouse. In addition, the machine can drive over uneven and ditched terrain.

Transport of fertiliser

Farmers have animals on their farm so that they have natural fertiliser. Transporting the manure to its destination can be a difficult task. Manure can be loaded onto a spreader, with a cyclop-type loader, but a telescopic device can also handle it. Especially when access to the dump is difficult and a reach with a long arm is needed, which is what characterises a telehandler.

telescopic handler transports fertiliser

Handling of materials and loads

It often happens that we need to transport something to another location or we need to deliver something to a mechanic, for example. Parts for tractors and tractors are huge and we cannot do without the help of a machine. The telescopic loader has a very high lifting capacity, and can even carry loads of over 20 tonnes. Thanks to the adaptation of the attachment depending on what needs to be transported, the loader is suitable for transporting heavy concrete slabs and loose materials such as animal feed.

Work at height

When working at heights, a telehandler will serve us efficiently. Agricultural work also involves the repair and maintenance of farm buildings such as barns and stables. With the platform in place, we can access e.g. the roof of the building, which makes height work easier, such as replacing tiles or cleaning gutters.

Questions and answers

Can a telehandler be driven over rough terrain?

Yes, the telehandler is suitable for rough and ditched terrain.

Can a telehandler transport animal feed?

Yes, once the right attachments are fitted to the telehandler, we can transport animal feed and more.

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