HDS cranes

construction of the device with a description of the construction elementsNeed to load or unload felled trees? Or maybe you need equipment that allows you to easily transport paving stones on the construction site? In these situations, the HDS crane, also known as the HDS truck, will be the perfect solution. For years, it has enjoyed unflagging popularity in the construction and transport industries, but also in the forestry and maritime industries. Are you thinking about using it, or maybe you want to try your hand at the profession of an HDS crane operator? Find out more about HDS cars and find out how they can also be used in your work.

What are HDS cranes?

HDS comes from the words Hydraulic Truck Crane. Thus, the HDS crane will be a truck mounted crane. It has its permanent place - it is located between the driver's cabin and the box, or at the rear of the vehicle. HDS cranes are also often referred to as mobile or loading cranes. Now a few words about the structural elements of cranes. These elements fall into two groups - fixed parts and variable parts.


  • crane base,
  • vertical column attached to the base,
  • a set of stabilizing supports for the crane and the vehicle on which the crane is located,
  • adjustable boom for carrying loads.


  • hydraulic system,
  • hook,
  • grippers - used, for example, in the wood industry.

The final type of construction of HDS cranes will depend on the function they are to perform. So what are the applications of these machines? Is there a device on the market that competes with the already famous HDS cranes?

an example of a portable and mobile craneWhere are HDS cranes used?

In addition to transporting materials such as paving stones, a desired function of the cranes is also the transport option. Several hundred kilos are not a challenge for this type of machine! How it's possible? The HDS crane will load the material onto the car on which it is mounted or onto the trailer of your car. The next step is to take the load and unload it - also with a crane. It will prove itself where it is extremely important to transport, load and unload, that is:

  • forestry industry (work on cutting down trees)
  • maritime industry (work with industrial and storage containers)
  • construction industry (working with bulky materials)

Such extensive use of HDS cranes made designers and engineers consider the creation of individual sub-types of these machines. Thanks to the characteristic structure and specific functions, they could work well in a specific area.

Types of HDS cranes

  • general-purpose HDS cranes - they are the most popular due to their universal application. The secret of their construction is the stiffened crane structure on the vehicle chassis. As a result, the crane operator is able to move and rotate the jib horizontally and lift and lower loads. In addition to being multifunctional, another advantage is the possibility of quick transport - they are mounted on the car's chassis.
  • timber industry cranes - the element that distinguishes this type of HDS cranes is the variable part in their construction. Instead of hooks, they are equipped with grippers, which, as you can guess, the operator can catch, for example, pieces of felled trees. Structurally, they are much smaller than general purpose HDS cranes. They are most popular in the wood industry.
  • loading cranes - are machines that work well during work related to the transport, unloading and loading of goods. The great advantage of this type of HDS cranes is the location of the cranes just behind the driver's cabin. It is a great convenience for the operators, as they are able to easily and quickly handle loads and goods. Two subcategories are also mentioned among the loading cranes:
Loader cranes with a loading box at the rear of the vehicle.Loading cranes positioned at the center of the vehicle.

smiling operator while unloading a tree

Mobile crane and portable crane - a comparison

The main competition with the types of mobile cranes listed here on the market is the mobile crane. The table below lists the most important of these valuable devices:

CRANEmounted on the carmounted on the chassis
CAPACITYup to several tonsup to several hundred tons
FUNCTIONreloading and transportreloading

So you can see that each machine specializes in a different field. The choice of one of them depends only on the purpose for which it is to be used.

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