First aid courses in SPA

Sudden situations can surprise us at any moment. Therefore, it is worth having a basic knowledge of first aid.

First aid is the immediate care of an injured person or one in need of help. It should be applied as soon as possible after an accident or in the event of a sudden illness. The help that we give before the ambulance arrives is extremely important. Thanks to it, you can save the victim's life.

If you are familiar with the rules of first aid, you are willing, if necessary, to take immediate action to save the life and health of the injured. It is important to remain calm and think rationally when giving first aid. This will help you to ensure the best possible care for the victim.

Polish law stipulates imprisonment for up to three years in the event that we do not provide such first aid. If your life is in danger at the time of first aid, you are under no obligation to provide it. Your life is as important as that of the victim.

Knowing the principles of first aid is useful in our everyday life. There may be an accident at any time where our help will be necessary. Therefore, it is worth investing in a first aid course. On such a course, you can obtain comprehensive knowledge in this field and obtain a certificate of such training. You can sign up for such a course at the Operators Training Center. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the SPA offer.

First aid consists of several elements, such as:

  • Protection of the victim's life
  • Protection of the life of the observer and the rescuer
  • Checking the safety of the scene
  • Providing pain relief
  • To prevent the deterioration of the victim's condition

First aid should begin by securing the scene to counteract the arrival of further casualties.

First aid at work

Art. 209 par. 1 point 1 of the Labor Code obliges the employer to provide necessary resources in the event that it is necessary to provide first aid in emergency situations, as well as in circumstances of evacuation or fire. The employer must also designate employees who will be responsible for achieving these goals (Art. 209, paragraph 1, point 2).

In connection with the above, it is worth considering the organization of professional training in first aid. It will allow to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and teach how to deal with emergency situations.

Professional training

The first aid course for workers can be taken in SPA Operators Training Center. Our Center has been conducting this type of training for many years. The classes "First aid in life and health emergency" include both theoretical and practical parts. The audience becomes acquainted with how to deal with emergency situations. Our instructors are at your disposal and will take care of professional training of employees.

Our company has branches in Warsaw, Katowice, Kraków and Bielsko-Biała. Training courses are held in these cities.We have fully equipped training rooms. We have manikins for performing resuscitation and other accessories that contribute to the effectiveness of our courses.

Here is the thematic scope of first aid classes at the SPA Center:

Theoretical partPractical part
  • legal issues in the field of first aid
  • information on emergency numbers
  • information on the correct notification of services
  • rules for the evacuation of casualties
  • securing the scene of the incident
  • dressing wounds
  • proceedings in the case of various types of injuries, such as frostbite, burns, bleeding, head injuries, chest injuries
  • procedure in the event of a threat to life or health
  • choking, poisoning, electric shock, heart attack
  • checking the vital signs of the injured
  • principles of CPR in both adults and children
    • organization of evacuation with the participation of injured people
    • the ability to put the victim in a safe position
    • CPR
    • help in case of electric shock, lightning
    • help in the case of choking, drowning, epilepsy and other situations


First aid training tailored to your needs

An unquestionable advantage that distinguishes the qualified first aid course is flexibility. We are able to adjust the program individually to the client's needs. We can enrich it with topics tailored to the specific needs of the organization (e.g. specific workplaces and the risks that may occur in them).

First aid trainings are conducted in an open and closed form. The open form is addressed to every interested person, also for those who want to learn first aid skills on their own. On the other hand, closed courses - this is an offer addressed to organized groups that are directed to such training by employers or institutions.

Where to sign up for training

First aid courses are activities available in the regular offer of the Operator Training Center. On the website, you can find convenient training dates in Warsaw, Katowice, Kraków and Bielsko-Biała.

The SPA also offers closed first aid courses for organized groups. We are able to get anywhere in Poland. Both the day and time of the organization of classes are your choice. We guarantee affordable prices and high quality of the services provided. The training price is determined individually, and for larger groups we provide attractive discounts. We have developed our own pricing rules. By signing up for the course, you will definitely not overpay. The SPA is also open to price negotiation.

Sign up for the "First Aid" training at the SPA Center. Warsaw, Bielsko-Biała, Kraków, Katowice - choose a location that is convenient for you and sign up today!

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