Safe operation and maintenance of fire extinguishers

The fire extinguisher is the basic element of every workplace equipment, not only where there is a risk of fire or explosion. Additionally, each employee must be obligatorily trained in health and safety rules regarding the operation of the fire extinguisher. However, if a fire extinguisher is really intended to protect workers, it should be properly maintained and used.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers

According to the legal provisions on fire protection, a person who maintains handheld fire-fighting equipment and other fire-fighting devices does not need to have any specialist qualifications. Therefore, fire extinguisher maintenance can be performed by anyone, provided that he adheres to the national standards and the manufacturer's standards.

Each fire extinguisher has individual information from the manufacturer on how and how often to maintain the extinguisher. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher and its use, it may be necessary to carry out maintenance more or less frequently. However, it should be remembered that the maintenance of the fire extinguisher and fire-fighting equipment should be carried out at least once a year. This is very important as an unmaintained fire extinguisher and fire fighting equipment pose a real threat and can lead to a tragedy where they were supposed to help.

Powers on fire extinguishers

Although anyone can do fire extinguisher maintenance, many training centers offer special fire extinguisher certification courses. Such authorizations also allow the fire extinguisher to be repaired in places where possible damage may occur. It is very important to have a damaged fire extinguisher repaired by an appropriate company or a qualified professional. Attempts to repair firefighting equipment can not only damage it further, but also expose workers to fire hazards. If the fire extinguisher maintenance detects any defects, immediately contact an appropriate specialist who will be able to repair it.

Fire extinguisher repair prices

The prices of repairing fire-fighting equipment depend on its type. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher to be repaired, the prices may start from PLN 10, with the upper limit being usually PLN 160. As can be seen, the price of a fire extinguisher repair is not high, and in return it guarantees safety for employees in the building.

Operation of the fire extinguisher

Most fire fighting equipment does not require specific training from users to use it in an emergency. Each fire extinguisher has individual instructions on how to use it. In addition, the safe operation of the fire extinguisher is very often one of the points of health and safety training. It is worth making sure that all employees are well acquainted with the operation of a fire extinguisher and what types of extinguishers are used to put out which fires. Such knowledge significantly increases the level of safety in the workplace.

Fire extinguishers are a must-have for any building where people work. Lack of knowledge about the functioning of a fire extinguisher or how to properly conduct its maintenance poses a real, serious threat to health and life. Therefore, apart from taking care of proper maintenance and commissioning repairs to professionals, it is good to remember that everyone, without exception, should know how to operate a fire extinguisher.

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