MIG welding, or mig welding

Specifics of MIG/MAG welding

mig welding

Everyone knows what welding is, but not so much MIG or MAG welding. Today, it is the most widely used method, covering 65% all industrial arc welding methods.  

MIG welding (from Metal Insert GasMIG welding uses only chemically inert gases such as argon and helium. When discussing MIG welding, one cannot forget to mention MAG welding. Metal Active Gas), which uses a chemically active gas. Remember that the most important thing is to choose the right form of welding, and this, of course, depends on the type of materials you want to work with.  

When is it worth using MIG/MAG?

MIG welding is ideal if you wish to join copper with aluminium or other independent metals and their alloys. MIG welding is carried out using machines designed for MIG welding, i.e. automatic welding machines. MIG welding is used for its ease of automation, low cost, productivity, durability of alloys and versatility of applications.  

MIG/MAG welding process 

mig welding

A welding wire is ejected smoothly from the holder and is gradually melted in the electric arc. The wire material mixes with the molten material, forming a so-called welding pool with it. Once the arc is moved, the weld pool solidifies, thus forming a permanent joint. With the help of the welding gun, shielding gas is supplied, which protects the molten metal from possible exposure to the atmosphere and also cools the gun.  

Benefits and drawbacks of MIG/MAG welding 

Advantages of MIG welding: 

  • high welding efficiency (higher than with coated electrodes), 
  • the possibility of mechanising and automating the method,  
  • the versatility of the method - the ability to weld different metals and their alloys in all positions,  
  • adequate quality of welds, 
  • low cost of welding consumables.  

Disadvantages of MIG welding: 

  • the high cost of purchasing the necessary welding equipment and facilities,  
  • The quality of the welds depends on the skill of the welder, 
  • MIG welding is more prone to the formation of porosity and overlapping of welds. 

Application of the MIG method 

The MIG method is used to weld magnesium, copper, aluminium and other independent metals, as well as their alloys. Mig welding is used in almost all branches of the welding industry. We can encounter it primarily in: 

MIG welding process
  • heavy industry, 
  • engineering industry including shipyards, the manufacture of pipelines and pressure vessels, and the manufacture of steel structures, 
  • renovation industry, 
  • maintenance industry. 

Semi-automatic welding machines are used for thin sheet metal work (automotive industry, bodywork). Migomats are also used for domestic and hobbyist work.

Questions from our customers

What gas should I choose for my migomat?

It is necessary to select the shielding gases used in electric arc welding and cutting. We can distinguish between: active gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) and inert gases (helium, argon). 

What is the cost of MIG/MAG welding?

Costs depend on the size and sophistication of the customer's order. Most companies apply individual price lists for services that include welding.

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