Use of cranes in construction

Strengths of cranes

The last few years have seen a great deal of development in the construction or industrial sector, which would not have been possible without these specialised machines. They are mainly associated with the construction industry, but they are also used in the construction of motorways or viaducts, as well as in skyscrapers or railway stations. Their greatest advantage is their ability to carry very heavy loads.   

Machine specifications 

Before starting work, it is important to remember that this type of machine consists of fixed and variable parts. In the case of the latter, they must be matched to the type of work you want to do with them. For example, a hydraulic system for speeding up work and a hook for gripping heavy loads will be essential on a construction site.  

Application of HDS truck-mounted cranes 

HDS truck crane on the road

The truck crane, or crane, is mainly used for assembly and handling work. Thanks to its design - having a winch and jib, as well as a car-mounted column - it is possible to lift and carry loads, and additionally load and unload individual components. This type of crane is best for small construction sites where limited space does not allow the use of tower cranes. 

A crane can be used for basically any job on a construction site. With its help: 

  • we plaster the building, 
  • insert windows, 
  • we will unload and move any material required for the construction, such as: 
    • paving stones, 
    • bricks,  
    • hollow blocks, 
    • tiles. 

If any material needs to be moved to the upper floors, as well as boxes of workers - the use of a crane will also be essential. 

Definitely, these machines have great capabilities and will be helpful for many jobs. An added bonus will be that they can be used as an excavator or loader - just connect a bucket with teeth to the machine arm. 

Tower cranes 

The largest type of equipment used in construction. Their size can range from 20 to over 220 metres in height. The capacity of a crane, on the other hand, is between a few and several tens of tonnes of lifting capacity. We can divide them into two types: 

  • stationary - fixed to foundations 
  • mobile - rail, wheeled and tracked. 
tower crane on a construction site

Tower cranes allow very efficient work on any construction site. Despite a small disadvantage due to their large size, they have many advantages, such as the ability to work over a large area and to work in virtually any weather conditions. They are indispensable for moving heavy structures, whether from site to site or to higher floors. These machines are so versatile that they can be used at any stage of construction and can even act as transporters, making the job much easier. 

Questions from our customers

What are the types of tower cranes?

We can divide tower cranes into stationary, non-moving cranes used mainly for moving goods, and rail cranes, which are used for assembly work.

What is the use of a truck crane?

The use of a truck-mounted crane (HDS) is very versatile. With its help, you can plaster a building, put in windows, as well as load and unload any material used for construction, such as bricks or roof tiles.

What are the capabilities of the cranes?

They can be used to carry a variety of weights from place to place and to greater heights with ease. In addition, their diversity is an undoubted advantage. We have stationary cranes and mobile cranes. A mobile auxiliary machine makes work easier and faster when transporting material. 

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