What are HDS cranes?

An operator on an HDS crane

Cranes are machines commonly used in reloading work. Nowadays, there are several types of cranes adapted to work in various conditions. One of them are cranes that use a hydraulic crane, commonly known as HDS cranes.

In Poland, hydraulic cranes are among the devices subject to technical supervision. This means that in order to be able to work with the HDS crane, you must first obtain the appropriate qualifications issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Anyone wishing to improve their professional competence or that of their employees is welcome to contact OSO. Our company can pride itself on a very high pass rate, and the training staff responsible for professional courses is ready to prepare each participant to work safely and efficiently with an HDS crane.

Why a course on HDS cranes?

The contemporary market situation is commonly referred to as the employee's market. This means that in the current economic realities, a qualified employee can count on a stable and well-paid job. Additionally, training on HDS cranes can be completed

Trainees during training on cranes

practically everyone who is interested in expanding their professional competences with new qualification benefits. It is enough to meet three basic conditions:

  • 18 years or older
  • Education at least basic
  • There are no medical contraindications for the profession of a hydraulic crane operator

As you can see, the HDS crane course does not impose any special conditions on the participants to join it. For this reason, it is also a very attractive choice for people who are looking for new competences. The operator of a hydraulic crane can count on attractive earnings. It is enough to pass the appropriate vocational course.

What does the training on HDS cranes look like?

The UDT course on cranes organized at the OSO company consists of theoretical and practical parts and the final exam.

Theoretical partPractical partFinal exam
The theoretical part of the course takes the form of lectures, during which students will learn all the necessary information regarding the safe operation and maintenance of HDS cranes.

In the theoretical part of the training, students can learn such information as:

  • Knowledge of the construction and equipment of hydraulic cranes
  • Hoist safety devices
  • Legal acts regulating the operation and maintenance of HDS cranes
  • Operator responsibilities before, after and during operation
  • Crane suspension and supervision of its technical condition
  • How to correctly estimate the dimensions of the cargo
  • Health and safety of work with a hydraulic crane and assistance in accidents.
In the practical part, students have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills under the supervision of our training staff.

Here, course participants can perform activities related to the operation and maintenance of HDS cranes under controlled conditions.

Exercises in the theoretical part take place on specialized training equipment provided by the OSO company.

The final stage of the HDS crane course is an examination taken before a commission appointed by the Technical Inspection Authority. Just like the training itself, it consists of a theoretical and practical part.

The theoretical part takes the form of a written exam. It consists of closed and open questions aimed at checking the knowledge acquired by the students in the first part of the training. The scope of the exam questions includes:

  • What are the parameters of the crane
  • Safety valves on the HDS crane
  • Locks used in the crane's hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic distributor and its function
  • Load control in HDS cranes
  • Assessment of the technical condition of the HDS crane
  • Crane hydraulic system leaks and possible problems

The next part is the theory test. The trainees must correctly perform a set of activities related to the operation, maintenance and repair of HDS cranes before the UDT commission.



Passing both parts of the exam with a positive result guarantees the trainees qualification benefits allowing them to work as an HDS crane operator. As part of the training fee, everyone who successfully passes the final exam receives a personal diploma confirming the newly acquired qualifications. Depending on the individual needs of the students, for an additional fee, the OSO company guarantees an additional supplement with a photo needed to work in some countries abroad.

The qualifications obtained on the course on HDS cranes are valid for 5 years. After this period, they should be renewed by passing the exam again with a positive result. For people who only want to renew their qualifications, the OSO company offers express courses lasting one working day and ending with an exam taken on the same day.

What is the price of the course on HDS cranes?

OSO offers two types of courses: open and closed.

Open courses are intended for individual clients who want to acquire new professional competences in the field of HDS cranes operation. Anyone who meets the above-mentioned basic conditions can take part in them. Open trainings at OSO are organized regularly and take place at our headquarters or at one of the many branches located throughout the country. People willing to take part in an open course on HDS cranes organized at OSO, we encourage you to check and follow our website. There is a calendar with all the dates of the upcoming courses along with their prices.

For individual clients looking for training for their employees, our company offers individual courses. The price of such a course depends on many factors, such as the number of students, their level of experience or the place of training. In the case of individual courses, these can take place at one of the OSO training centers or at the customer's in-house. Our trainers can, depending on the needs, come to the client's site to conduct training in their company.

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