Forklift truck services - servicing, auditing

About us 

maintainers during forklift repair

Our many years of experience in the industry have meant that we are now able to provide customers with a wide range of professional solutions and services. We have already been trusted by almost thousands of clients, operating in a wide range of sectors (trade, services, industry, production, etc.). The reliability of our brand can also be confirmed by our highly qualified staff, who have been providing professional and effective advice to the recipients of our services for years. The employees of the company's customer service department provide professional service, as well as fast delivery of equipment for any type of equipment offered by the company. The specialisation of our branch plant is the sale of new and used forklift trucks at competitive prices. Above all, we care about the satisfaction and trust of our customers, which is why we make sure that each time we provide solutions on which clients can fully rely. 

What assets does our centre have? 

  • extensive experience resulting from many years on the market; 
  • a wide range of assemblies and components; 
  • an efficient delivery system; 
  • affordable prices. 

Spare parts for forklift trucks 

A prerequisite for many years of reliable operation of industrial vehicles is, among other things, access to high-quality components and spare parts. Our company meets the needs of the customer, thus offering replacements, attachments and accessories for forklift trucks of well-known and respected brands. Extensive knowledge and extensive experience in the construction of this type of vehicle translate into the provision of full support for users and owners of UDT machines. Our parts are not only competitively priced, but also of exceptional quality, so customers can fully rely on our products, delivered to our facility directly from stock. When a part is out of stock at any given time, we will specify the expected delivery time and fulfil the order in a timely manner.  

We offer the sale of spare parts such as: 

used forklift truck after reconditioning
  • pitchforks; 
  • industrial tyres; 
  • traction batteries (including battery cells, rectifiers, cell connectors, central electrolyte make-up systems and electrolyte mixing during battery charging). 

Retrofitting of trolleys 

We have extensive technical capabilities, as well as the necessary authorisations to make structural changes to forklift trucks. 

We carry out renovations such as: 

  • shortening of masts; 
  • installation of additional lighting; 
  • installation of hydraulics for additional equipment; 
  • assembly of electronic control components.  

The scope of modernisation work offered by our facility also includes the preparation of full technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. 

Forklift truck service  

Our centre offers a full service for forklift trucks and other UDT machines, which is carried out professionally, accurately and, above all, efficiently.  

Our comprehensive service offering includes: 

  • professional assistance in the preparation of the necessary technical documentation; 
  • advice and service from our specialists; 
  • replacement or repair of traction batteries, tyre forks, etc; 
  • maintenance checks in accordance with UDT standards; 
  • shortening or lengthening the mast; 
  • installation of hydraulics for additional equipment; 
  • reconditioning of parts (e.g. piston rods, suspension, hydraulic distributors, cylinders, masts, electronic components) 

We also hold the relevant UDT licences, extending our activities to include welding or welding repairs and the modernisation of older UTB machines. The assistance of our specialists prevents the loss of valuable customer time, as we ourselves verify the technical documentation for correctness and compliance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. 

Sale of forklift trucks 

new forklift trucks

The knowledge we have successively acquired over the years enables us to select the right equipment optimal to the scope and conditions of the order. The buyer can therefore be sure of receiving a customised solution for both new and used machines. Our range is stocked with many models of UTB equipment that is fully operational and ready for use.  

We select the appropriate equipment based on parameters such as: 

  • range of lifting heights; 
  • capacity range; 
  • presence of a rectifier; 
  • type of mast (TRIPLEX, NIHO, TELE); 
  • type of drive (gas, electric, diesel); 
  • type of tyres (flexible, pneumatic); 

Forklift truck rental 

Operating in the UTB machinery market, we have acquired extensive and specialised industry knowledge and have managed to accumulate an extremely large stock of modern equipment. Thanks to these factors, we now guarantee a very wide and precise selection of equipment which, regardless of the working conditions, will always be able to meet the needs of our customers.  

Among the trolley options available are: 

  • electric stacker trucks (e.g. high lift variant, with extendable masts with a load capacity of 1.4 to 2.0 tonnes); 
  • hand pallet trucks (with capacities ranging from 2 to 2.5 tonnes); 
  • four-wheel LPG or diesel trucks (with a maximum load capacity of 1.6 to 8 tonnes); 
  • three-wheel and four-wheel electric trolleys (24, 48 and 80 volts with a load capacity of 1 to 4.5 tonnes). 

With our comprehensive range of products, we guarantee hirers a wide variety in terms of the forklifts available for hire. We ensure flexibility in terms of rental periods, carefully tailored to your needs. It is also worth mentioning that, in the case of long-term or recurring rental, we are able to offer our customers even better financial terms than the standard offer. 

Regeneration of traction batteries  

In an effort to reduce trolley repair costs, we offer reconditioning of some parts in our workshop.  

We are primarily involved in remanufacturing: 

  • masts; 
  • hydraulic distributors;  
  • piston rods;  
  • actuators;   
  • suspensions; 
  • electronic components (including controllers, inverters, lighting boards). 
regeneration of fractional batteries

The purchase of a new traction battery for a forklift represents one of the most costly investments in terms of ongoing machine maintenance. The decision to purchase a new cell is usually taken at the point of limitation, when the battery is completely worn out. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that situations of battery capacity loss due to, for example, improper use or downtime do not necessarily mean that the power cell has to be replaced. The reconditioning of traction batteries, when done correctly, can recover up to 80% of their original power. Our company is able to recover the cell power of vehicles of all the most popular brands. 

Services carried out when repairing traction batteries include: 

  • desulphurisation charge; 
  • battery capacity test; 
  • voltage measurement including measurement of electrolyte density; 
  • comprehensive repair and diagnostics; 
  • assessment of the current state of wear and tear; 
  • measuring the voltage of individual cells; 
  • checking the condition of the connections between the cells and the wires; 
  • checking the condition of the box and the insulation resistance of the battery. 

Short lead times for components and a well-stocked warehouse are factors that enable our service to respond rapidly to save the service provider time. 

Feel free to contact us, we are at your service! 

Questions from our customers

What does your modernisation offer include?

The main service work we offer as part of the retrofitting of forklifts is the shortening of masts, the installation of additional lighting, the installation of hydraulics for additional attachments and the installation of electronic controls.

Do you also carry out welding work?

We have the relevant UDT authorisations extending our activities to include the implementation of welding or welding repairs and upgrades to older UDT machines. 

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