Fire extinguisher maintenance course

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About the course

The fire extinguisher maintenance course is a specialised course aimed at a narrow audience. It is suitable for people who wish to work professionally as fire extinguisher maintainers. A certified maintenance technician is responsible for carrying out periodic inspections as well as maintenance of hand-held fire extinguishing equipment. On our course, we provide the appropriate equipment and materials used during the exercises. Training as a fire extinguisher maintenance technician ends with an examination consisting of a theoretical and practical part. This exam is designed to verify the skills acquired. After passing the exam, the trainee receives a certificate attesting his or her fire extinguisher maintenance skills in the indicated field. The course is available both on-site and online. 

What will you gain from our course? 

  • You will receive a certificate authorising you to carry out servicing activities on portable fire extinguishing equipment. In addition, you will receive a plastic fire extinguisher maintenance badge, a detailed instruction plan for the inspection, maintenance and repair of portable and mobile fire extinguishers. 
  • You will receive support materials in hard copy and electronic format, developed in a thorough and comprehensive way to serve you even after the course. 
  • The certificate is issued on the basis of § 18(2) of the Regulation of the Minister of Education of 18 August 2017, 2017, item 1632. 
  • The authorisations granted by our Training Centre allow us to apply for authorisation in the authorisation process for service technicians at individual manufacturers. 
Course name: Fire extinguisher maintenance course. 
Course mode: Stationary/online. 
Price: The price of the training depends, among other things, on the number of participants.  
Notes: Registration by telephone or via our Centre's website. 

The duration of the course depends on the number of people enrolled and their level of proficiency. The certificate obtained confirms the acquisition of competence as a maintainer of hand-held firefighting equipment and is valid indefinitely. Registration and the timetable are available on our website. 

Additional information, breakdown of fire-fighting equipment 

By fire-fighting equipment we mean all kinds of fixed or semi-permanent devices, either manually or automatically activated, responsible for detecting and fighting fires and neutralising their effects.  
Fire safety equipment is divided into:  

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  • the equipment of the voice alarm system and the fire alarm system,  
  • signalling and alarm equipment,  
  • fire alarm receiving equipment and fault signal receiving equipment, 
  • evacuation lighting installations,  
  • hydrants,  
  • hydrant valves,  
  • pumps in fire pumping stations,  
  • smoke extraction devices,  
  • fire dampers.  

As far as handheld firefighting equipment is concerned, however, its purpose is to extinguish a fire at the first stage of its origin. Hand-held firefighting equipment includes:  

  • fire extinguishers,  
  • hydronets,  
  • small firefighting units,  
  • firefighting balls and blankets,  
  • internal hydrants.  

Inspections of firefighting equipment  

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With regard to fire protection of buildings, other structures and grounds (Journal of Laws No. 109, item 719), fire-fighting equipment, including portable and mobile fire extinguishers, should be subjected to technical inspections and maintenance activities at periods determined by the manufacturer, but at least once a year.  
According to the three largest national manufacturers of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing units, the first inspection should take place before twelve months from the date of manufacture, while the second inspection and each subsequent inspection should be carried out every six months. The inspection interval for fire extinguishing equipment may be shorter if there has been deterioration in technical condition and extinguishing effectiveness. Such situations are most common in the chemical industry, offshore industry, mining, facilities with special fire hazards and adverse climatic conditions. Inspection is the periodic testing of the technical condition of equipment, including fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing units. These examinations are aimed at checking the technical efficiency of the equipment, which will confirm its proper operation. If it is then a matter of repair, it requires workshop action to ensure that the hand-held firefighting equipment is restored to serviceable function.  

Repairs include:  

  • dismantling and assembly of equipment,  
  • replacement of the extinguishing agent,  
  • cleaning,  
  • painting and strength testing of the tank, 
  • labelling.
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