Fire protection training

Security is paramount and key

We can name any business that wants to prosper "solid", but not only considering the good quality of its services it offers to its clients. An important element is great care for fundamental issues that are important for every enterprise, both those related to the broadly understood comfort of work and those understood as obligations that are subject to the law. Among them, there is the provision of appropriate knowledge to employees, which is to ensure the acquisition of appropriate skills related to safety and life protection in the event of a fire hazard. We meet such needs and that is why we would like to propose a very good solution that will meet these important requirements - fire training.

Valuable knowledge thanks to fire protection courses for everyone

OSO Center offers high-quality training for each company, conducted by competent instructors with extensive experience. Each of the lessons we offer on fire training results in a significant amount of information on proper conduct in crisis situations, thanks to which the participant learns everything about efficient and targeted evacuation, rules of operating firefighting equipment and providing possible professional first aid. Thanks to the fire protection training, each participant will contain some well-developed behavior patterns that he will be able to use in the future at his workplace, but also in other places in the event of a life threatening situation.


The fire hazard is real

The vast majority of situations where a legitimate real fire alarm occurs are unforeseen. It happens that the reasons are seemingly innocent defects in the equipment of buildings, which are the headquarters of companies, as well as the recklessness of its employees. That is why it is important for us that OHS and fire protection training were carried out in the mode of division into the theoretical part and the practical part, which to a large extent consolidate the most important knowledge and skills, and also prevent the dangers of unskillful use of fire.

Some of the most common causes of fires are listed below.

  • carelessness when smoking tobacco
  • leaving a heated meal on the gas cooker without supervision or the heater for boiling water
  • overloading the electrical installation by connecting too many electricity receivers
  • placing the heating device at a distance of less than 50 cm from combustible materials
  • lack of proper caution when lighting a fire
  • burning waste and rubbish, dry leaves

After training in SPA, in which the above-mentioned problems will be clearly emphasized, thanks to the accessible language and extensive experience of the lecturers, as well as following the basic safety rules, the probability of one of the above threats will drop to zero!

Do not forget!

Being in good will to take care of your own health and life and that of other employees, it may happen, for example due to the inflow of many duties, that the employer will forget about the issues related to taking appropriate actions to introduce fire protection in the workplace. However, it is worth trying to avoid it as much as possible and not postpone it for too long. Employers who fail to comply with this obligation in a timely manner may face a high financial penalty, which can be particularly severe for small companies with a short period of experience in the market. Therefore, we recommend that you do not reserve too much time for this type of case and undertake a solid fire protection training as early as possible.

Equipment in the company

It is also worth emphasizing that the company owner or the building administrator has appropriate equipment in the workplace, which should reduce the need for fire-fighting intervention to the lowest possible degree. The most basic elements of equipment include:

  • smoke detectors
  • a fire extinguisher, preferably more than one
  • markings of the escape route
  • solid windows
  • good and efficient ventilation

What does the training look like?

We understand that our clients may need an individual approach to carry out the required tasks fire training. Therefore, for closed groups, as a place to conduct classes, we can offer our offices in four cities in Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała; in which we have modern training rooms and equipment, thanks to which the classes will be helpful and interesting. We can also go to the indicated address so that the course takes place there.


The topics of the classes are as follows:

  • information on fire hazards at the workplace
  • presentation of the workplace fire instructions
  • providing information on the location of fire equipment
  • principles of evacuation and fire marking
  • conducting evacuation and emergency procedures
  • principles of operation of handheld firefighting equipment
  • providing first aid to the injured

The issues discussed during the classes are raised with new employees in mind, who will learn the basic issues and principles discussed during fire protection course. At the same time, we offer periodic training courses aimed at supplementing and updating knowledge for employees with longer experience.


We adjust the price to the number of participants who will appear in the classes. We are open to price negotiations and we offer attractive discounts for a larger number of students. It is convenient to contact us via the form on our website, thanks to which we can make a more accurate valuation. In order to save on fire protection training you can do it via the phone number +48 504 477 077, which is also available below.

If you think you might need help with other services related to fire safety, please do not hesitate to contact us also via the above-mentioned form or by phone. On our website you will find a tool with which you can leave your phone number and we will call you back.

Get in touch with SPA Center and convince about our attractive offer and pricing strategy, thanks to which you will not overpay, and you will gain a sense of peace by entrusting the issues of transferring the safety rules for your company to the right hands!


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