Fire protection training

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Course objectives

Safety is paramount and crucial. We can give any company that cares to prosper the term "solid", but not only by taking into account the good quality of its services that it offers to its customers. It is important to take great care of the fundamental issues that are important for any company, both those related to work comfort in the broadest sense and those understood as obligations that are subject to the law. Prominent among these is the imparting of adequate knowledge to employees to ensure that they acquire the appropriate skills related to safety and life protection in the event of a fire emergency. We meet such needs and therefore offer a very good solution to satisfy these essential requirements - fire training. 

Valuable fire safety knowledge - training at the SPA 

The OSO centre offers high quality training designed for any company, led by competent instructors with extensive experience. Each of the fire training lessons we offer is characterised by essential information on how to behave properly during an emergency situation, thanks to which the participant learns all about efficient evacuation, the principles of operating fire-fighting equipment and providing professional first aid. Thanks to the fire safety training, each participant will learn certain behaviours that he or she will be able to use in the future in his or her own work, but also in other places in the event of a life-threatening situation.   

The fire hazard is real 

An overwhelming number of situations in which a fire alarm is triggered are unforeseen. Sometimes the causes are seemingly minor defects in the equipment of buildings that house companies, as well as the recklessness of the people in office. For this reason, it is important for us to have HSE training divided into a theoretical part and a practical part, which decisively consolidates the most important knowledge and skills and also prevents risks in the form of incompetent handling of fire. Some of the most common causes of fires are listed below: 

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  • carelessness when smoking, 
  • leaving a heated meal on the gas cooker unattended or the water heater on, 
  • overloading the electrical installation by connecting too many electrical consumers, 
  • positioning the heater less than 50 cm from combustible materials, 
  • lack of proper caution when burning a bonfire, 
  • burning of waste and rubbish, dry leaves. 

After a training course at the SPA in which the above issues are clearly highlighted, thanks to the accessible language and extensive experience of the lecturers, and with basic safety rules in place, the likelihood of one of the above risks occurring will be reduced to a minimum. 

What does the training look like? 

We recognise that our clients may require an individual approach to carrying out the required fire safety training. We invite closed groups to our headquarters in Warsaw and selected cities in Poland, where we have modern training rooms and equipment to make the classes helpful and interesting. We can also travel to a given address to hold a course there. The topics of the classes are as follows: 

  • information on fire hazards at the workplace, 
  • presentation of the workplace fire manual, 
  • providing information on the deployment of fire equipment, 
  • principles of fire and evacuation signage, 
  • conducting evacuation and emergency procedures, 
  • principles for the use of hand-held firefighting equipment, 
  • giving first aid to victims. 

The topics discussed in the classes are aimed at new employees who should be familiar with the basic information and principles presented in the fire safety course. At the same time, we offer periodic training courses to supplement and update the knowledge of longer-term employees. 


We adjust the price according to the number of participants who show up for the class. We are open to negotiating prices and offer attractive discounts for larger numbers of participants.  

Consequences due to lack of staff training 

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The obligation to train employees rests with the employer and it is the employer who should organise the course as soon as possible from the day new employees are hired. Employers who fail to comply with this obligation in a timely manner may be subject to a hefty financial penalty, which can be particularly severe for small companies with a short track record in the market.  

Equipment in the company 

It is also worth emphasising the care taken by the company owner or building administrator to ensure that the workplace is properly equipped, which should reduce the need for fire intervention to as low a level as possible. The most basic items of equipment include: 

  • smoke detectors, 
  • a fire extinguisher, preferably more than one, 
  • escape route signs, 
  • robust windows, 
  • good and efficient ventilation. 

You are welcome to contact us by email, telephone or via the application form on our website. 

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