Qualifications for a basket lift - a course for operators

Aerial work platforms are a type of mobile platforms placed on a car trailerThis training is intended for people who intend to take the UDT exam for the operation of aerial work platforms (boom lifts). The course program was developed in agreement with the UDT and meets the examination requirements of this institution. Participants of the classes learn how to operate the jumps from the theoretical and practical side, with great emphasis on maintaining safety rules during work.

Aerial work platforms: characteristics, application, work possibilities

Construction of booms

A basket lift is a material handling device, subject to technical supervision. Like other devices of this type, it is used to transport people vertically to the workplace at a height. A typical basket platform consists of a platform (basket) placed on a hydraulic arm with a telescopic, scissor or boom structure. The whole thing is placed on a car trailer, which facilitates transport to the place of work. The lifts differ in terms of the drive - they can be electric or diesel driven. Individual models also have different working heights, platform capacity and arm range.

Aerial platform platforms - application

Aerial platforms are most often used for work on construction sites, but there are many more possibilities of their use. The platforms are used for assembly, maintenance and repair of lighting, electrical and telephone installations, as well as ventilation and air conditioning in large buildings (e.g. public utility buildings. windows in office buildings, snow removal from roofs, installation of large-format advertisements, maintenance of greenery - pruning branches, specially adapted lifts are also used as fire brigade vehicles.

Employment opportunities for people with UDT licenses

With UDT qualifications for increases, you can apply for employment in companies or municipal units from the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Remontowa
  • Energetic
  • Connected with keeping clean, caring for greenery

Details of the aerial platform course

  • Program of the classes: students participate in lectures on theory, and then in practical exercises on the operation of aerial work platforms. The theoretical part of the course covers such issues as the construction of platform elements, reading the operating instructions, technical inspection regulations, methods of testing and testing strength and stability. The practical part is an opportunity to learn how to use the device and familiarize yourself with the safety rules.
  • Form: classes are held in stationary or online (theoretical part). Current dates and places where courses for aerial work platforms are organized (Warsaw and other large cities) can be found on our website.
  • Duration: from 8 to 20 and a maximum of 35 hours, depending on the group's advancement. During registration, we conduct a telephone interview with the participant, on the basis of which he is directed to the appropriate class group.
  • We have the possibility to organise a closed lift course exclusively for company employees. Please contact us directly for details.

UDT exam and qualifications

The basket lift course ends with a knowledge check by the Center's instructors, and then - with a state examination, which is taken before the UDT commission. The scope of the exam corresponds to the knowledge and skills that students will learn during the course. In addition, a candidate for an operator can consolidate and expand their knowledge by using our training platform, where they will find, among others, sample test questions. After passing the UDT exam, you get operator's license for 5 years.

The "lift" type mobile platform can be used on construction sites, facade repairs, and lighting repairs

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