UDT equipment conservator - state course and exam

A maintenance technician with UDT qualifications can remove faults, perform inspections and other works in handling equipmentWe recommend the course to all those who are looking for a way to effectively prepare for the UDT equipment maintenance exam. Classes in our center are conducted by experienced instructors, we prepare students for exams according to original teaching programs in accordance with UDT requirements, and the courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. We conduct maintenance courses in Warsaw, as well as in our local branches.

UDT conservator qualifications - types of devices

Operator Training Centre specializes in the organization of courses for material handling equipment. We conduct classes that prepare you to obtain maintenance qualifications:

  • General and / or special purpose cranes
  • Various types of forklifts
  • Aerial platforms and other mobile platforms: loading, for transporting the disabled, mast, stationary, hanging, on railway platforms
  • Hoists and winches
  • Mobile, tower, HDS, stationary, rail, port, shipbuilding, floating and deck cranes

Each training session is dedicated to a given type of device. It is possible to participate in more courses and obtain authorization for the maintenance of several devices.

Who can take part in the course "Maintenance of material handling equipment"

We invite both people without experience and those who deal with handling devices in their work. Our class groups are created to consist of people with a similar level of experience. For this reason, the number of hours of classes is flexibly adapted to the needs of the group.

To participate in the training, you must be an adult, with at least basic education. We also require a statement or a medical certificate that there are no health contraindications to work as an operator.

UDT equipment maintenance technician - course: information for participants

The most important information for people who want to take part in the training:

  • Course duration: 32-96 hours, depending on the student's experience
  • Place of classes: Warsaw or one of the OSO local departments
  • Enrollment: registration and payment are possible via the website https://platformaedukacji.pl/sklep
  • Closed training - in agreement with the employer, we can conduct training in which only employees of a given company will participate. We adjust the date and place of the training to the needs of our clients

We will be happy to provide you with additional information by phone or e-mail - please contact us.

Issues raised during the classes

During the theoretical part of the course, participants will learn about issues related to the construction and operation of individual types of handling devices. They also gain knowledge on keeping records, carrying out inspections, and using the operating manual. SPA instructors also provide information on the provisions of technical inspection, duties as a conservator, and health and safety rules. The theoretical classes are supplemented by the practical part, taking place on our maneuvering yard. These classes are an opportunity to learn how to fix faults and conduct inspections in practice.

UDT course for conservators - state examination

Anyone who enrolls in the course at the Operators' Training Center can take part in the state exam organized by UDT in cooperation with our center. Students do not have to register for the exam - they receive the exam entry included in the price of the course. The exam takes place within a maximum of several weeks from the end of the training. Participants receive reminders from us about the upcoming eligibility check.

Authorizations of the UDT conservator

After passing the exam, the Office of Technical Inspection issues a qualification certificate, which entitles to perform the profession of a conservator of a given type of equipment. UDT licenses for maintenance are issued for 5 years and are valid throughout Poland. Qualified conservators are in demand in companies dealing with infrastructure renovation, shipyards, transhipment ports, transport and construction companies. Many of them also run their own businesses.

Handling devices are subject to technical supervision, and their repairs may only be performed by a person with UDT qualifications

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