Post-work activities

Activities after finishing work with the crane

Crane course provides precise information on what to do when working with this type of device. The operator must also follow the rules contained in the health and safety instructions for this type of device and in the instructions for its use.

The gantry operator is obliged to follow the relevant rules before starting work with the gantry, during and after work. Let us focus here on this final stage, namely post-work activities.

Daily activities of the operator after finishing work with the crane:

  • checking that there is no suspended load on the device
  • lifting the device and leaving it at a safe height for passing people and moving vehicles - this height is about 2.5 meters
  • returning the device to a parking place
  • pressing the emergency stop button
  • disabling the device controls
  • turning off the power using the main power switch
  • anti-wind brake protection - when the device is equipped with them
  • check the device visually
  • securing the device against unauthorized use
  • in the event of defects, reporting them to the supervisor and the next operator
  • making an entry in the operation book and passing the device

The above steps should be repeated every time. If they are carried out in the above order, the device is properly secured and does not pose a threat to other people.

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