UDT course for telehandler operators

We would like to invite you to a course in the operation of specialised forklift trucks with variable reach. During the course we will prepare you both theoretically and practically for the state examination held before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. 

Scope of knowledge 

On the course organised by our company, you will gain knowledge on, among other things: 

  • Health and safety rules for the operation of specialised forklift trucks, 
  • technical supervision messages, 
  • types of specialised forklift trucks, 
  • construction of the device, 
  • technical and operational documentation, 
  • types of accessories and how to replace them, 
  • operator actions before working on the equipment, 
  • the operator's actions after working on the equipment, 
  • operating telehandlers, 
  • gas cylinder operation, 
  • cargo information, 
  • cooperation with the human team and management, 
  • working in various weather conditions. 
A man controls a telehandler

Training program 

The course consists of: 

  • theoretical classes taught by qualified trainers (classes may be conducted online), 
  • practical classes that take place on the equipment on which the examination is later conducted. 

After the training, the trainee takes the UDT exam. 


After passing the UDT exam, the participant receives a qualification certificate for operating a telehandler, which is valid for five years. 

Telescopic loader operators are qualified to drive forklifts: 

  • uplifting, 
  • charged, 
  • tractors, 
  • lift trucks (including reach trucks), 
  • where the operator is lifted together with the load, 
  • special (regardless of power source or load capacity). 

After our course you will be able to operate all telehandlers, regardless of manufacturer. The most popular brands of telehandlers include: 

  • Manitou, 
  • Avent, 
  • JCB, 
  • Merlo, 
  • Caterpillar, 
  • ROTO, 
  • Bobcat, 
  • Dieci, 
  • Yale, 
  • Nissan, 
  • Combilift, 
  • Doosan, 
  • Hangcha, 
  • Kalmar, 
  • Linde, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • Toyota, 
  • Jungheinrich, 
  • Hyster. 

Post-course work 

Variable reach trucks are among the most versatile pieces of equipment. Therefore, a person with a UDT licence to operate them can find employment in many places, including: 

Operator talks to site manager
  • construction, 
  • logistics, 
  • Agriculture, 
  • industry 
  • mining, 
  • metallurgy.  

Additional accessories 

The telehandler will serve us as: 

  • bulldozer, 
  • forklift truck, 
  • basket platform, 
  • excavator. 

Conditions of participation 

  • minimum primary/high school education, 
  • at least 18 years of age, 
  • a medical certificate stating that he/she is fit to work as an operator. 


We conduct courses at our training centres located in many locations around the country or at the premises of the company ordering the training. 


Prices for courses are set individually, depending on the training date and number of participants. We invite you to contact us by telephone to find out the cost of the training. 

About us 

We are a company to trust because: 

  • we are an experienced training company, 
  • we offer convenient class times, 
  • our lecturers have an individual approach to each student, 
  • We run open and closed classes, 
  • Our training programmes comply with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection, 
  • The exam pass rate among our students is close to 100%, 
  • we have attractive training methods, 
  • we offer affordable course prices. 

Our training 

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  • rises, 
  • cranes, 
  • different types of cranes, 
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Questions from our customers

What industries can telehandler operators work in?

As a telehandler operator, you can work in many industries, including construction, logistics, agriculture, industry, mining, metallurgy. 

Where do you provide training?

We conduct vocational courses at our training centres located throughout Poland and at the companies commissioning the training. 

How long is a telehandler licence valid for?

The qualification certificate to operate this equipment is valid for a period of five years. 

What courses do you still organise?

Our offer includes courses for the operator and maintainer of various types of cranes, overhead cranes, boom lifts (basket and scissor lifts), excavators, backhoe loaders, storage stackers, among others. 

REGISTRATION: +48 504 477 077