Courses and training for specialised forklift trucks

The Operator Training Centre provides courses for telehandlers and other specialised equipment. We have qualified instructors and train trainees on modern handling equipment. Classes conducted at our centre will help you gain the necessary qualifications to operate machines subject to UDT.

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What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is otherwise known as a specialised lift truck from the category of handling equipment. The machine is very versatile and is used in many areas of work. With ease, the machine can extend and retract the telescopic arm to get into hard-to-reach places. The specialised forklift is highly efficient, with a reinforced engine and operator's cab. In order to operate a telehandler, it is necessary to obtain the relevant licence, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.

There are two types of telehandlers:

Leading - Otherwise known as rigid, it has an operator's cab and a telescopic arm rigidly attached to the chassis, which prevents horizontal movement. The maximum lifting capacity is even more than 20 tonnes and usually this type of loader, is used to transport heavy loads.

Rotating - In this case, the unit is based on a swivel head that allows horizontal movement. We can change the position of the boom and the operator's cab by up to 360°, and the maximum reach of the arm is up to 30 metres, with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tonnes.

What training looks like at our centre

telescopic loader with forksThe telehandler operator training course consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The syllabus includes, the most important information needed for the job. The trainee will learn about the classification of equipment, work and health and safety rules. After acquiring theoretical knowledge, participants will undertake a practical task. They will learn how to use the machine safely and how to work under the harsh conditions that are often encountered.

After completing the training, the trainee will undertake to pass an examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. A positive test result will give us a machine operating licence, which is valid for 5 years.

Training on site

Training courses for operators are conducted, among others, in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow and Bielsko-Biała. However, our courses are conducted throughout Poland. If you have trouble getting to us, don't worry, we have a mobile offer with access to the client.

What kind of work can we use a specialised trolley for?

The telescopic device has a very wide range of applications, the most common use of the machine is on a construction site, but thanks to its functionality it will work well in aerial and agricultural work. The telehandler has interchangeable attachments so that we can transform it into several other machines.

The most commonly selected fittings are:

  • pitchforks
  • mowers
  • working platforms
  • ploughs
  • spoons.

With these tools, the machine will serve us in agricultural, construction and gardening work.

We can easily use the telehandler to transport bales of hay, heavy building structures or for mowing in the summer. With the right buckets fitted, the telehandler can safely transport materials such as water and sand.

The work most commonly carried out by the specialised trolley includes:

  • unloading of material
  • cargo transport
  • transportation of people
  • work at height.

forklift operator at work

Course entry requirements:

  • category B driving licence
  • age of majority
  • minimum primary education.

Do entitlements expire?

Once qualified by the UDT, students receive a certificate to operate specialised forklift trucks for 5 years. An application for renewal must be submitted 3 months before the expiry date of the certificate. It is also necessary to certify that the applicant has worked on a telehandler in the last 3 years. The documents and certificates can be sent by post or email to the Technical Inspection Authority.

In our training offer we have many other training courses and courses, in the field of vehicles under the UDT.

Our offer:

  • course for HDS lifts
  • forklift truck course
  • course on mountaineering
  • course for gantries
  • course for mobile platforms.

Feel free to call us to find out more.

Questions and answers

Once I have passed the telescopic handler exam, for how long are licences issued?

After passing the examination before the UDT board, the licence is granted for five years.

Is it possible to have a course with travel to the client?

Yes, we do offer drop-in courses.

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