Forklift training offer

Looking at the market, we are looking for a secure and future-proof job, such as a forklift operator. In our Operator Training Center, we conduct training for forklift and mobile lift operators, fiber optic welding course, crane operators and others!

Training for forklift trucks is one of the most popular UDT courses. We have been dealing with reliable preparation of students for years, we have experienced instructors who pass their knowledge to our participants. We prepare for the state examination before the committee of the Office of Technical Inspection. We train not only private individuals, but also have been cooperating for years with companies that have trusted us and send their employees for training to our center!

Categories of licenses for forklift operators:

Necessary to drive a forklift is to complete the course followed by the UDT state exam

III WJO - Authorizes to operate the operated and remotely controlled forklift trucks

II WJO - authorizes to operate lift trucks, with the exception of specialized devices

I WJO - authorize to operate forklift trucks, including specialized ones: with an operator lifted with a load and with a variable reach

Having qualifications for category I WJO, we can service trucks from category II and III WJO.



  • The participant should be 18 years or older
  • There are no contraindications to work
  • Primary education at least


Our instructors will train participants in the operation of forklifts, as well as the correct operation and use, because it is very important for the lifetime of these vehicles - we must bear in mind the impact on the course of the entire work cycle. We take care of every detail and thus adapt to you, in the case of participation of groups created by participants, we guarantee access to customers.

By operating a forklift on the OSO course, you are investing in your future, because it is an industry that is constantly in demand. This profession is constantly evolving and opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for us. In rich countries, incl. Germany, Denmark, Norway and Great Britain, we do not have to worry about the job, because there is the greatest demand there. Thus, this translates into our earnings and a high standard of living, so it is worth going to our center for training as soon as possible!

We prepare professional and safe handling of industrial trucks and to successfully pass the UDT state exam in the selected scope.

Forklift license:

At the end of the course and exam, the operator obtains a license for 10 years. If we want to extend the validity of the license, we must go to the Office of Technical Inspection within 3 months before the end of the validity of the license and submit a special application with the information that we have worked 3 years on a forklift truck during the period of 5 years.

When starting the course, we should know all types of forklifts with which we can work in the future:

Side lifters and side lifters - These are the most common types of forklifts. Companies choose traditional hand lifts.) The other types are, among others. Popular (meleks)

Frontloaders - In this case, the weight is balanced with the weight of the forklift. We also distinguish off-road carts, which are an additional front linkage. In these cases, the load is lifted using forks or other equipment. They often help in the warehouses with collecting orders.

Inner mast stackers - As the name suggests, it is a type of truck with an integrated mast, which has several types. The first is a stacker truck with an internal mast that does not contain the load. The load is lifted on the forks, which are hidden between the arms.

In turn, the inner mast type stacker truck has a fixed mast. With the inner mast, the forks are located outside the traveling arms. A mast lift truck works well in warehouses where journeys are limited to a certain height and where at certain points in the warehouse it is necessary to move the load to a greater height.


Specialized trolleys - the operator leading it is lifted with a trolley along with its load. Most often used in logistics and warehouse activities. It allows for very precise placement of loads in planned places and the operator can closely observe the process of stacking loads.

Gantry stacker trucks - The frame of these trucks takes the form of a gate, and the load is fully enclosed as it rises inside it.


Topics of classes:

Our course is divided into two types, theoretical and practical.

Theoretical classes - Our participants in these classes will receive training materials that will help in preparing for the UDT state exam. During our training, we discuss topics related to health and safety rules and the requirements for forklift operation. Students learn about the basics of building these devices, not only practical, but also theoretical operation in open and closed spaces. We conduct classes in a very interesting and substantive way, we tell about everything briefly and we do not deviate from the topics of the classes. This is the first part of the forklift truck course, our task is to prepare the student to pass the theoretical part of the UDT exam.


Practical classes in the use of forklifts

Usually, students never wait for the practical lessons to finally be there. It is a fact that our classes are very popular, not only because of our experienced, fun and qualified instructors. During our classes, we raise very important practical issues that are useful during work. During work, the participant also learns how to use forklift trucks, already working on a specific model. He pays attention to the operation of individual mechanisms while practicing his skills. We must not forget about the observance of health and safety rules.


Purpose of the course

The course is intended for anyone who wants to expand their qualifications, change industries or gain the license to operate a forklift truck. The training ends with a state exam that gives you the right to operate all lift trucks and high storage trucks.

We will also get acquainted with:

  • With the construction and principle of operation of handling equipment, allowing for their proper operation
  • Preparing the student for independent use of the device
  • Acquainting with the applicable health and safety regulations
  • Overview of the rules of moving around the workplace
  • Acquainting with the principles of providing pre-medical first aid and fire safety


Where can you find us

We are stationed all over Poland, apart from the headquarters in Warsaw, you can meet us in other cities throughout the country, including in Katowice, Bielsko Biała and Kraków. Our center in the capital is equipped with universal rooms where our professional instructors provide participants with the required knowledge.

REGISTRATION: +48 504 477 077