The OSO company invites you to a course in the operation and maintenance of goods and passenger lifts

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About the course

Freight or passenger lifts, colloquially known as lifts, are nowadays an inseparable element of the architecture of every new building with more floors. These types of lifts can be found not only in buildings, specialized goods lifts are also used on construction sites. Due to this, employees with appropriate authorization to operate elevators can count on a high employment rate. If you are looking for a stable and well-paid job, consider taking part in the elevator training organized by the OSO company. 

Why is it worth taking part in the training? 

In Poland, goods and passenger lifts are classified as equipment subject to technical supervision. This means that, in order to operate or maintain goods and passenger lifts, you must first complete the relevant training, confirming the skills needed to work with the machine. Licences for goods and passenger lifts are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. Anyone wishing to obtain a licence for lifts must first pass an examination before a commission appointed by the UDT. A positive result of the examination ensures that trainees obtain the appropriate permits. In addition, those taking part in training courses on goods and passenger lifts organised by OSO will receive a certificate attesting to the skills acquired during the course. In some countries, a special certificate with a photo is required in order to work. This document can also be obtained by our trainees upon prior request.  

What powers for cranes do we distinguish?

The Office of Technical Inspection grants licenses for goods and passenger lifts in two categories: 

  • DI on construction cranes (operation of goods and passenger building lifts and goods hoists) 
  • D II entitlement to operate internal-controlled and hospital lifts (internal-controlled and hospital lifts without cabin load control) 

OSO provides training in both categories of entitlements. Before signing up for a course, it is important to first ascertain what type of licence you will need for your work. Our consultants will also be able to advise on the right choice for anyone who may be unsure about what type of rating they need for goods and passenger lifts.  

Who can take part in the course for passenger and goods lifts?

Anyone who wants to expand their professional competences with elevator qualifications can enter our open training courses. In order to take part in the courses offered by the OSO company, however, several basic conditions must be met, regardless of whether you take part in an open or closed course, organized only for the company's employees. Before signing up for course for cranes personal and goods, first: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Have at least a primary school education 
  • Have up-to-date medical examinations confirming that there are no medical contraindications to work as a fitter / conservator of lifting equipment. 

Anyone who meets these three basic conditions can take part in the training for passenger and goods lifts offered by the OSO company. 

What does the training for the operation of passenger and goods lifts look like?

freight crane during maintenance

The training at OSO is aimed at preparing the trainees to operate the devices covered by technical supervision in an efficient and safe manner. The course for passenger and goods lifts in our company is conducted by experienced staff of trainers, whose task is to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge in a meticulous and understandable way. The whole training consists of three parts: theoretical, practical and final exam. 

Theoretical part 

In this part of the training, trainees are provided with various technical information related to the safe operation of passenger and goods lifts. Our trainers here provide students with theoretical knowledge necessary for safe work and passing the final exam with a positive result. The topics covered in this part of the course include the principles of health and safety at work with a lift and safe operation of passenger and goods lifts. Trainees will also learn about the responsibilities of the operator, preparing the workplace and keeping the relevant technical documentation for maintenance.  

The theoretical part of the course for passenger and goods lifts can be held on site or in the form of lectures on our online platform.  

Practical part 

In the practical part, students can test their newly acquired skills under the supervision of our training staff. Practical training takes place on specially designed machines. Here, students have the opportunity to practice new skills in a controlled environment. Our trainers will make sure that each student taking the final exam is confident in their abilities so that they pass the exam with a positive result. 

Final exam 

freight crane in operation

The course on goods and passenger lifts is completed with an examination certified by the Office of Technical Inspection. In order to complete the training, trainees must pass an examination before a commission appointed by the UDT. The exam, like the training, consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the practical part, trainees have to write an exam, consisting of a series of questions confirming the knowledge they have acquired in the theoretical part of the training. They then take the practical part. Here, the trainees have to correctly perform a number of tasks related to the construction and maintenance of goods and passenger lifts in front of a commission. Successful completion of both parts of the examination provides the trainees with a lift licence. 

When are the courses for passenger and goods lifts organized? 

OSO open courses are organized regularly throughout the year and are available to anyone who would like to acquire new competences in the field of operating equipment under technical supervision. Our trainings take place both during the standard daytime and evening hours. In addition, for people busy during the week, our company also offers weekend training. We are able to adapt our training to the needs of an individual customer, so anyone who wants to purchase a permit for passenger and goods lifts can take advantage of the offer of OSO. 

People willing to enroll their employees for training feel free to contact us by phone with our consultants. Our company offers an individual offer to each client looking for professional training in the field of passenger and goods lifts for employees of their company. The date and place of the training depend on such details as the number of participants, their level of knowledge or the type of training. The OSO company conducts all the courses in its premises, but for the needs of individual clients, our trainers are able to reach them and conduct training for goods and passenger lifts in their company. Additionally, we offer individual price packages for customers looking for passenger and goods lift courses for their employees.  

We encourage you to visit our website and contact us by phone. Our trainers will make every effort to ensure that everyone who participates in the training obtains knowledge at the highest level. 

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