HDS authorisations

If you are interested in obtaining a HDS licence, in our SPA Operators Training Center you can get them at affordable prices! We invite you to attend a HDS course - operating a hydraulic truck crane. We provide professional theoretical and practical training. Experience in the industry and specially developed programmes are the basis for the effectiveness of training at our centre. Additionally, with us you do not have to wonder how much it costs HDS coursebecause you are guaranteed a low price with top quality learning under the guidance of qualified staff. Employers are currently looking for people who are HDS qualified - enrolling in our training is a good investment in your future.

Topics of classes

The HDS course includes theoretical preparation and practical exercises that provide essential information and skills related to the operation of the device and occupational health and safety. The general outline of the curriculum for participants of the hydraulic truck crane operation classes is:

  • information on the construction and operation of the device
  • technical supervision of the device
  • duties as an operator
  • principles of occupational health and safety

In addition, the HDS course at our centre includes practical classes that teach you how to operate the equipment. This makes it even easier to obtain your UDT certificate after completing your training - we make sure that our classes are full of practical knowledge that is useful for the operator's work. All people who want to work in a position such as HDS operator. If you want to get your HDS certification, the price with us is one of the most attractive compared to the competition for a full programme including both theory and practice.

What is HDS?

HDS stands for a hydraulic truck crane, mobile crane or transshipment crane, which is used as an element of trucks intended for transporting loads. HDS service requires an appropriate certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. Hydraulic lifts mounted on vehicles are able to lift loads of several tons depending on their type.

Requirements for participants for HDS training:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • at least basic education
  • no contraindications to work in the profession of a truck hydraulic crane operator

We have been running HDS courses at the OSO Center for several years. Our main goal is to provide each participant with professional support in gaining knowledge and skills. In addition, for people choosing HDS course, the price is always affordable, which means that obtaining qualifications is not associated with high costs. In the case of closed groups, we are also able to prepare an individual curriculum taking into account the specificity of the workplace.

  • HDS course Warsaw and the whole of Poland - as a standard, our classes take place in Warsaw, where our headquarters are located. We also run them in our branches located in Kraków, Bielsko-Biała and Katowice. On request, we are able to reach customers throughout Poland, organizing training for closed groups
  • HDS qualifications price - the costs of organizing classes are determined individually and depend on the number of participants. As for the HDS rate, the price is always negotiable, so please contacting us to determine the cost of the service

If you have any questions related to our offer, please call us or send us an e-mail - we will answer you as soon as possible. We encourage you to use our services!

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