Hanging mobile platforms - training with an exam for operators

Hanging mobile platforms: devices covered by UDT technical supervisionObtaining the qualifications issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) is the basis for people who want to work in the profession of an operator of handling equipment. Such qualifications are not only a formal confirmation of qualifications, but also proof that the operator has mastered the operation of the device to the necessary degree, knows the rules of technical supervision, knows how to work in a safe and accident-free manner.

In order to make it easier for future operators to prepare for the UDT exam, we have created a course on suspended access platforms, combining theoretical knowledge with practical operator training. The price of the course includes a state exam conducted by a UDT commission.

Course: hanging mobile platforms - the most important information

The training aims to provide participants with the knowledge needed for the exam and later work. The theoretical part takes the form of a lecture, during which the instructor uses methods that activate participants (ask questions, check their knowledge, give examples). Theoretical classes can be held stationary or online (webinars on the educational platform).

Framework program of activities:

  • Information about the types of platforms and their purpose
  • Overview of the construction of individual parts of the device
  • Health and safety regulations in force at work
  • Operator responsibilities before, during and after work
  • Carrying out trials and tests of platforms
  • Provisions related to technical supervision
  • Practical part - classes on the maneuvering yard / hall

The course for hanging mobile platforms ends with an exam. The cost of taking the exam is included in the course fee. The process of checking qualifications is carried out by authorized UDT inspectors. Training in the Center is planned so that the dates of the exams are similar to the dates of the classes, so that students can participate in them on an ongoing basis. UDT Warszawa or another branch is responsible for conducting the exam, depending on the place of classes.

In addition to lectures and practical classes, students can supplement and expand their knowledge using materials (including sample test questions) posted on a specially created educational platform.

Course for mobile platforms: price, place of conducting classes, dates

Information on the current starting dates of the courses can be found on our website. Classes are conducted in several locations throughout the country. We conduct trainings for mobile platforms in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, and at the request of clients - we organize trainings for larger groups in other selected places.

To sign up for a class, simply contact us by email or phone. At registration, we interview you about your experience and skills so that we can offer you participation in a tailored group.

Permissions for hanging mobile platforms

The qualifications obtained after the UDT course allow you to work with devices from category II P (also stationary mobile platforms). The qualification certificate is issued by the Office as a plastic card with a photo, valid for 10 years throughout Poland.

The operator of a suspended mobile platform is a person who can perform a number of works on the facades of buildings, structures and other structures. These types of devices successfully replace scaffolding - their assembly is much faster and cheaper.

With qualifications, you can find employment, among others:

  • On construction sites - hanging platforms are used for assembly and finishing works on facades
  • During renovation works - painting, insulation, maintenance of building walls
  • In specialized companies offering facade cleaning or window cleaning
  • In companies providing painting, maintenance and repair services for bridges, viaducts, chimneys, masts

These types of platforms are also used in such unusual places as ships, ships or oil rigs. It should be remembered that it may be necessary to obtain additional qualifications to work at sea (they can be obtained during the offshore / onshore course for people planning to go to work abroad).

Hanging mobile platforms are most often used for renovation, maintenance and assembly works on the facade

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