Key information on RODO

magnifying glass with the word RODO
What is RODO?RODO stands for the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. It is an EU regulation in which we can read the provisions that protect us from the disclosure of our personal data. It was adopted on 27 April 2016 and came into force on 25 May 2018 and thus must be complied with from that point onwards.Why does RODO exist? What is its purpose?The main objective of the regulation is harmony, so that personal data can flow freely across the borders of the European Union. Such a measure will result in the inhabitants of the European Union ...

Why is it important to carry out regular maintenance checks on HDS cranes?

HDS crane repair
Specifics of HDS cranesHDS cranes have been on the market for a very long time, but it is only in recent years that they have gained in popularity. They are used both for loading and unloading various types of goods. Their compact design means that we can reach almost any location with their use. This is a feature that sets HDS cranes apart from other cranes.Technical supervisionCranes are more or less technologically and structurally advanced machines. Their fully operational condition therefore requires constant supervision and ...

Specifics of container handling equipment - Kalmar ECO Reachstacker 

Kalmar ECO Reachstacker
Use of container handling equipmentContainer handling equipment is typically used in ports. They can also be used at points for the movement of containers with cargo. They assist in the smooth movement of containers.Who can operate container handling equipment?In order to operate the equipment, it is necessary for the person operating it to have the relevant authorisations to operate it. The authorisations are obtained during a special course ending with an examination before an UDT commission. ...

Conditions for the operation of goods lifts

What are freight lifts?A goods hoist is a mast-mounted sliding platform that resembles a ladder in design. The hoist is attached to a mobile chassis and lowered to the roof of the building. The platform is used to transport building materials to higher levels. The movement of loads is carried out using rope or chain ties. We can therefore distinguish between two types of goods hoist:linear,chain.What are the conditions in relation to the operation of freight lifts?Some trans...

Who should receive initial and periodic health and safety training and when?

Trainee in initial health and safety training
Specifics of health and safety trainingOne of the basic duties of an employer is to ensure that initial and periodic health and safety training is provided to employees. The purpose of this is not only to familiarise staff with the company's health and safety rules and regulations regarding employees' rights and obligations, but also with how to act in the event of an emergency, as well as how to provide first aid. The employee must confirm in writing that he/she has familiarised himself/herself with the health and safety rules and legal provisions. It is worth noting that the only case, kie...

MIG welding, or mig welding

welder during MIG welding
Specifics of MIG/MAG weldingEveryone knows what welding is, but not so much MIG or MAG welding. Today, it is the most widely used method, covering 65% all industrial arc welding methods.MIG (Metal Insert Gas) welding is a method using only chemically inert gases such as argon or helium. When discussing MIG welding, it is impossible not to mention MAG welding (Metal Active Gas), which uses a chemically active gas. Let us remember that the most important thing is to choose the right form of welding, and this depends ...

Use of cranes in construction

construction site with tower cranes
Strengths of cranesThe last few years have seen a great development in the construction or industrial sector, which would not have been possible without these specialised machines. They are mainly associated with the construction industry, but they are also used in the construction of motorways or viaducts, as well as in the construction of high-rise buildings or railway stations. Their greatest advantage is their ability to carry very heavy loads.Machine specificationsBefore starting work, it is important to remember that these types of machines consist of fixed and variable parts. In the case of the latter, they must be adapted to the type of pr...

Functionality of the MMA welding method

welder during SMAV welding
Synonymous terms for the MMA (Manual Metal Arc Welding) method are:Metal Arc Welding with covered electrodes;SMAV welding;111 welding.How should arc electrode welding be carried out?Manual metal arc welding (SMAV) is a process in which a permanent connection is achieved by melting the weld material with an arc of a fusible covered electrode, with the help of heat. The mechanism of welding with a covered electrode begins when the act of so-called contact, i.e. contact between the weld material and the end of the electrode, occurs. This is when the electrode starts...

Telescopic handlers - what are they and what are they used for?

loader during work on the field
Telescopic handlersFor construction or agricultural work, specialised tools and machines are often needed to make the operators' work easier and faster. Telescopic loaders are one of these. Let's take a look at their advantages and use.Construction of a telehandlerA telehandler is nothing more than a specialised forklift truck. With a basic division, we divide these machines into two types:frontal,rotating.In the case of the front ones, the boom is located on the right side and the operator's cab is unruc...

What are HDS cranes?

Mobile crane on site
About HDS cranesCranes are machines commonly used for handling work. Nowadays there are several different types of cranes, adapted to work in different conditions. One of these is cranes using a hydraulic crane, commonly referred to as HDS cranes.In Poland, hydraulic cranes are among the equipment covered by technical supervision. This means that in order to be able to work with an HDS crane, one must first obtain the relevant authorisations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.Those wishing to broaden their professional competences or their employees'...