Any activity carried out in an industrial facility or in complex construction, technical or technological work requires special qualifications. If you are planning to develop in this type of profession, you will need to obtain specialised authorisations strictly depending on the specific work you will undertake. At our Operator Training Centre, we offer professional training courses, the completion of which will give you the knowledge and skills to obtain authorisations from the Office of Technical Inspection. You can be sure of obtaining such authorisations:

  • will open up many avenues of development for you,
  • will broaden your horizons considerably,
  • will enhance your professional competence.

You are surely wondering whether sending your employees to our training courses or attending them yourself is a viable idea. For our part, we offer a number of benefits that come with taking part in our courses and benefits that will give you a lot in the future. With us, you will be provided with things such as:

  • very well-equipped for lectures and modern classrooms at our facilities,
  • a variety of multimedia materials and useful teaching aids to enhance the teaching process,
  • the latest equipment to play presentations, instructional videos and other such material,
  • trained experts who will do their best to make the knowledge transferred as interesting and useful as possible,
  • a knowledge-rich theoretical part and a practical part with lots of useful exercises under the guidance of professionals,
  • ensuring all the formalities for taking the examination at the Office of Technical Inspection,
  • the issuing of special declarations confirming the competences acquired,

Our offer

Our training courses address and teach the operation of a wide range of equipment used in technical work, but the most important include:

  • cranes,
  • mobile platforms,
  • telescopic loaders,
  • Overhead cranes

In addition, we also focus on other equipment in the categories of construction work, assembly or transport machinery. We focus on the latest requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection, which is why our training programmes are constantly evolving to be as compliant as possible with legal requirements. By choosing training in our centre, we guarantee that you will acquire the most up-to-date certificates in relation to today's standards. We will do our best to provide you with the knowledge and teach you valuable skills that will enable you to pass the exam without any problems. We can adapt to the needs of our clients, so a lot depends on you and your requirements for learning specific skills. Our groups must consist of a minimum of six people, and forming larger groups results in attractive discounts. So if you want to send your employees for specific training at our centre, you can count on cost-effective discounts.

What training plan we offer

As mentioned earlier, the UDT examinations are held in front of a specially appointed board, so passing them is difficult. In order to do so, you will need knowledge and skills at the highest level. You need to know the theory thoroughly and learn the practice in order to be perfectly prepared to receive a positive final result. Our lecturers and experts divide training into theory and practice in order to achieve the best teaching results. Theory includes topics such as:

  • Construction site with cranesknowledge of the functioning of individual machines, their repair and maintenance,
  • familiarisation with different types of material,
  • instructions for use of equipment divided into different types,
  • a detailed plan for carrying out repairs on broken components,
  • talk to our instructors and ask them any questions you may have about the training,
  • familiarisation with the material applicable to the final examination.

The practical part offers, among other things:

  • operation of tools and machines on our specially developed manoeuvring area,
  • training with experts to operate our equipment correctly,
  • learning to carry out equipment maintenance under expert guidance,
  • examples of repair work using different types of materials,
  • working in groups to train the skills acquired,
  • solving sample exam tasks that will prepare us for the right approach.
Part of the trainingTheoryPractice
Topics / exercises
  • Operation of machinery, repair and maintenance
  • Materials used in production
  • Operating instructions for individual appliances
  • Plan for carrying out repairs
  • Questions for instructors
  • Material applicable to the examination
  • Service exercises in the square
  • Practitioner-led operating classes
  • Conservation classes
  • Learning to carry out repairs
  • Group tasks
  • Execution of sample examination tasks


We will also come to you

We organise training in two forms:

  • Open training, which is open to anyone wishing this type of training,
  • Closed training courses, dedicated to specially created groups, where a rigid, predetermined timetable applies.

We are not limited to our own premises when it comes to teaching. If your company has suitable practice rooms and infrastructure, we will reach you with our specialised staff of experts and teach you everything on site. For specific prices and more details, please contact us directly. We will tell you everything and help you tailor our training programme to your expectations. You can find us on the website. We warmly invite you to make use of our Operator Training Centre.

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