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Get UDT qualifications and other necessary qualifications! We invite you to OSO courses!

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We conduct trainings thanks to which you will gain qualifications allowing you to operate forklifts and related devices. in our center you will learn how to use devices such as:

  • forklifts,
  • forklifts,
  • telescopic loaders,
  • trolleys for lifting the operator and load,
  • trolleys with variable reach,
  • reach trucks,
  • industrial trucks.

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Platforms and lifts

Scissor lifts - mobile platforms for indoor and outdoor worksTo work with lifts and scissor or basket lifts, you need UDT qualifications, which you can get in our center. We invite you to use our services and gain knowledge about the operation of devices such as:

  • scissor lifts,
  • aerial platforms (lifts),
  • mobile platforms,
  • vehicle and rail platforms,
  • loading platforms,
  • stationary and slow-moving platforms,
  • hanging and mast platforms.

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Altitude / mountaineering

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer of altitude and mountaineering courses, thanks to which you will gain knowledge and skills allowing you to work safely at height.

  • construction access,
  • climbing training in rope access techniques,
  • construction access with elements of rope access techniques,
  • creating temporary belay points,
  • training in the evacuation of people from confined spaces,
  • training in the evacuation of people at height.

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Gantry cranes, hoists, winches, cranes, hook signaler

In our center you will find courses thanks to which you will gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to work with overhead cranes and other cranes, and even work as a hook - signaller.

  • gantry cranes,
  • cranes,
  • hoists,
  • winches,
  • signalman - hook.

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HDS cranes, tower

In our center you will find courses that will prepare you to work as a crane operator. We have a wide offer, in which you will find training on cranes of all types:

  • portable HDS,
  • tower,
  • self-propelled,
  • stationary,
  • rail,
  • shipbuilding,
  • floating,
  • on-board,
  • railway and on railway vehicles.

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Scaffold fitter

In our center you will gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a scaffolding fitter. After passing the final exam, you are ready to work on scaffolding assembly and disassembly:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • system
  • non-systemic
  • stationary
  • passers-by

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Training for UDT qualifications

We invite you to our center, where you will take a course that will allow you to work with the handling of handling equipment. We will help you obtain UDT qualifications for devices such as:

  • hanging mobile platforms,Transportable mobile platforms, called spiders because of the base with a characteristic shape
  • stationary mobile platforms,
  • mast climbing work platforms,
  • construction cranes,
  • goods and passenger lifts,
  • winches and hoists,
  • gantry cranes,
  • stacker cranes,
  • goods statements,
  • ship lifts,
  • forklift trucks,
  • stationary cranes,
  • mobile cranes,
  • tower and quick-erecting cranes,
  • mobile and portable cranes.

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We invite you to a soldering course, thanks to which you will learn how to use a soldering iron correctly and learn soldering techniques. Our offer also includes trainings for people who want to learn how to weld and fuse.

MIG / MAG method

  • soft,
  • hard.


  • MIG / MAG,
  • TIG,
  • MMA,
  • SAW,
  • plasma arc welding.


  • electrofusion
  • butt.

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Flange connections

We cordially encourage you to take advantage of our training offer on the assembly of flange connections. Our qualified staff will ensure that participants are properly trained in working with pressure equipment and will provide relevant information on hazards and accidents while working with them.

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Health and safety courses

It is the responsibility of every employer to provide employees with periodic health and safety training. We invite you to our center for training for employees:

  • OHS services,
  • workers,
  • engineering and technical,
  • as well as employers.

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Lifts - elevators and lifts

We invite you to our center for training in the use of construction cranes. We provide the knowledge and skills required during the UDT examination for cranes, such as:

  • shaft (elevators)
  • port
  • circular
  • vertical construction
  • sloping

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G1, G2, G3 trainings

Do you want to obtain energy, heat and gas qualifications? We invite you to check our offer - at the OSO Operator Training Center you can easily undergo training, pass the exam and obtain 1kV qualifications. We conduct trainings thanks to which you can obtain G1, G2 and G3 electrical qualifications. If you want to obtain an electrical building license, and the low price is what you care about, sign up for our course now!


  • electrothermal devices
  • control and measurement apparatus
  • generating devices
  • electrolysis equipment


  • steam and water boilers
  • compressors
  • thermal installations
  • pumps and fans


  • storage devices
  • equipment for the production of gaseous fuels
  • gas turbines

Sale of devices

Our company sells forklifts, scissor and basket lifts, loadstelescopic cranes and HDS cranes at low prices. Our assortment includes devices of the most famous brands in the world, including: 

  • Still,
  • Toyota,
  • Jungheinrich,
  • Linde
  • Haulotte,
  • Genie,
  • Manitou,
  • JLG.

Repair, maintenance and service of devices

We also run a repair and maintenance service overhead cranes, mobile platforms, forklifts, cranesawi HDS and telescopic loaders. Downtime in works causes high costs that exceed the cost of regular inspections. We know how important time is repair that is why our team consists of experienced and qualified mechanics. We deal with brands such as:

  • Still,
  • Toyota,
  • Jungheinrich,
  • Manitou,
  • JLG,
  • Linde,
  • Haulotte,
  • Genie.

OSO Operator Training Center - UDT, G1, G2, G3, HDS courses - Warsaw and the whole of Poland

Do you need qualifications to work as a specialist, technician, operator or maintenance technician? Do you want to gain new qualifications and skills? Take advantage of our offer! At the SPA Operators Training Center, we conduct professional and comprehensive vocational courses that allow you to obtain qualifications for work in various positions. Join our satisfied customers!

We have several years of experience in organizing training for operators. Customer satisfaction is the most important for us, therefore we place emphasis on service at the highest level.

Why SPA?

  • a large selection of open and closed courses
  • attractive prices and favorable discounts
  • professional instructors
  • extensive industry experience
  • high passing of exams
  • service throughout Poland

CSO Operator Training Centre offers a full range of classes in its training offer. First of all, we conduct UDT trainings that allow you to obtain qualifications. Our offer includes, among others, a crane course, crane operator course, crane or signalman. We also conduct training in G1, G2 and G3 categories. You can get with us HDS powers and mountaineering qualifications for rope access and construction.

We have modern training facilities that allow us to conduct classes professionally and comprehensively. We work with qualified and experienced instructors, we use proprietary programs and activating methods of transferring knowledge. This is why the pass rate for SPA exams is so high.

Enroll in the course now!

Our headquarters is located in the city of Warsaw, but we are also available in other cities in Poland in our regional centers. In addition, we organize closed training in locations agreed with the client.

If you have additional questions, we are always available. Please contact us by phone or e-mail - we reply as soon as possible.

OSO Operator Training Center - we invite you to use our services!

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