Course for qualifications to work abroad - boom lifts, scissor lifts

It may be necessary to have a special certificate to operate lifts abroad (boom lifts, scissor lifts)Before you go to work abroad, it is worth making sure that your professional qualifications will be honored in the destination country. This is not always the case - for example, qualification certificates issued in Poland by UDT may not be recognized by some countries. To be able to work as an operator of aerial platforms or scissor lifts, you must have a special certificate. It is obtained after passing the theoretical and practical exam.

Prepared by the Center's experienced instructors, the course covers all the issues needed for the exam, in accordance with the ISO 18878: 2013 standard. It is intended both for people who already work as an operator in Poland and for those who do not have experience yet.

Theoretical and practical classes are held at the Center in Warsaw. In addition, we have launched the option of completing theoretical classes online, in the form of e-learning.

Devices that can be operated with a certificate

Boom lifts - aerial work platforms

These devices, also called platforms, are one of the most popular types of mobile platforms, widely used in the construction industry and many others. In basket lifts, the boom with a platform is placed on a truck trailer, which makes it easy to move. Depending on the size and other parameters of the lift (such as working height, maximum lifting capacity, minimum distance from the wall), it can be used for installation and maintenance of installations, lighting, large-format advertisements, for greenery - cutting branches, cleaning windows or facade. A boom lift will work wherever it is necessary to perform quick repairs.

Scissor lifts - scissor lifts

It is a type of jack with a characteristic boom that folds like a pair of scissors. Scissor lifts can be compact - these small, electrically powered devices are mainly used for indoor work, for example for maintenance work on ventilation, air conditioning, for the assembly of warehouse elements, for painting walls and ceilings. Larger diesel powered lifts are used for outdoor tasks, also in marshy, uneven terrain.

Eligibility to work abroad is valid both on land and at sea (for example, on oil rigs).

Detailed information about the course


The issues discussed during the course were developed on the basis of ISO: 18878. They are also compliant with the guidelines of the OMHEC organization, which cares about safety standards in work at height at sea. Course participants will learn about the construction of mobile platforms, their types, and learn about safety rules and regulations in force in selected countries.

After the theoretical part, they have the opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge and skills in practice, operating selected types of platforms on the maneuvering yard.

Final exam

The training ends with an exam consisting of theoretical and practical parts. People who pass it with a positive result receive a certificate entitling them to work abroad. It is valid in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain, and may also be recognized by other countries. The time needed to issue a certificate is about a few weeks, until then the operator can use a temporary certificate.

Place of classes and duration

Classes are held in Warsaw, where the Center is located and the maneuvering area with equipment is located. Theoretical classes can be conducted in the form of e-learning, via the Internet. Then it is only necessary to supplement them with a practical part.

Duration may vary. For beginners, it is about 8 hours of theoretical lessons and a similar number of hours of practical lessons. If the training is attended by people who already have experience in handling lifts, the class time may be shortened.

Enrollment for classes

To enroll in training in boom lifts (scissor lifts) yourself or your employees, you must contact us by phone or e-mail. Then we will inform you about available dates and other details.

Boom lifts and scissor lifts are used for work at height, also at sea - on drilling platforms

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