Training at the OSO Center

In SPA Operators Training Center oferujemy training zawodowe zawsze na wysokim poziomie. Kilkunastoletnie doświadczenie, wykwalifikowana kadra, nowoczesne metody nauczania powodują, że współpraca z nami to najlepsza inwestycja w przyszłość.Jesteśmy Ośrodkiem elastycznym i skupionym na potrzebach i wymaganiach naszych klientów. Wysoka jakość kształcenia i indywidualnie dopracowane programy są podstawą naszej efektywności. Skorzystanie z naszych usług to korzystna lokata. Obecnie zapotrzebowanie na wykwalifikowanych pracowników stale rośnie, a wraz z wysokim popytem idą w parze atrakcyjne zarobki.

Our offer includes, among others, the following courses:
• G1, G2, G3 - granting permissions up to 1kV
• HDS - hydraulic truck crane
• crane
• a hook whistleblower
• the crane operator

We deal with comprehensive implementation of courses for individual participants and for closed groups. In each of these cases, we provide education at a high level, the advantage of which is also an affordable price. Specially designed programs and an activating method of teaching mean that the examination before certification committees is not an obstacle on the way to obtaining qualifications that authorize you to work both in Poland and in other countries in the European Union.

Everyone crane operator course, crane, HDS and hook lift course we organize with the use of appropriate equipment in order to conduct practical exercises. Thanks to this, the participants of our classes know not only the theory of construction and operation of machines, but also know how to safely operate them.

We encourage you to check our full offer, and if you have any questions, we are also always at your disposal. It is worth educating with the best - we invite you!

REGISTRATION: +48 504 477 077