Scissor lift course

The ability to use scissor lifts allows you to take up employment in many industries: not only construction or renovation, but also energy (lighting repair), transport and advertising. In order to obtain qualifications to operate this type of equipment, it is necessary not only to have practical knowledge, but also theoretical knowledge: knowledge of the construction of lifts, the ability to proceed in the event of a failure or knowledge of technical supervision. In our Center, we organize courses that allow you to obtain or organize information necessary to prepare for the UDT examination.

Scissor lifts - characteristics, application

The so-called The operation of scissor lifts is similar to basket lifts, but they differ in the type of boom. In the case of these devices, the boom consists of moving elements, folding and unfolding in a similar way as scissors. The boom is placed on a platform equipped with wheels and a control panel. Several workers can be on the scissor lift platform at the same time, and it can also be used to transport goods or tools.

Depending on the type of drive, scissor lifts are divided into:

  • Combustion, diesel fueled. These are large-wheeled jacks, often with 4 × 4 drive, and are suitable for tasks in difficult terrain. They usually have a greater lifting capacity and range than electric lifts. They can be used for work on construction sites or renovation works outside buildings.
  • Electric, powered by 12V or 24V batteries. They are smaller, more compact and efficient. They work well on even surfaces, they can also be used inside buildings. Electric scissor lifts facilitate work in high-bay warehouses or during repairs in factory and warehouse halls.

Obtaining qualifications to operate scissor lifts

The rights to service increases are granted on the basis of a passed exam at the Office of Technical Inspection. The exam consists of two parts: the test checks the theoretical knowledge of the future operator of the elevator, and during the practical part, the ability to operate the machine is checked. The certificate of qualification for service is issued for 10 years.

Training and the UDT exam

Participation in the lifts course can be treated as:

  • Comprehensive preparation for the UDT exam for inexperienced people. We organize classes during which we provide comprehensive knowledge of machine construction, technical supervision, procedure in the event of a failure, and the use of operating instructions. Participants have the opportunity to practice the operation in practice, using the equipment from the Center's base.
  • Supplement knowledge for people who already work with scissor lifts. The duration of such a course is shorter and the scope of knowledge is adapted to the needs of the participants. In some cases, even a few hours of classes are enough to effectively prepare for the UDT exam.

The trainings are organized in an open form (see the available dates of courses for increases and prices) and closed - only for employees of a given company.

We invite you to sign up for the training - details below.

Scissor lifts, the so-called platforms - a type of mobile platform with a platform for lifting people and goods

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