Construction machinery

construction machineryOver time, technology has made our lives easier in everyday activities, but also in the construction industry. In the old days, to dig a hole for a foundation we had no special choice but to take a shovel and start digging. Fortunately, those days are over and we can see all sorts of machines at work on construction sites. Our job is just to control and manoeuvre such a machine.

The most popular and important machine in the construction industry is the excavator. It is a machine designed for earthworks, used to separate the excavated material and load it onto transport machines or stockpiles. The work of an excavator operator is a responsible job, as the safety of the occupants must be taken into account. In addition, the operator is also exposed to danger as he works in an area where various accidents occur, such as landslides or electrocution.

The construction industry has long been attractive to employees in terms of wages. More and more people are choosing to look for a job in this industry because companies are tempting with benefits. Excavator operators are in high demand on the labour market due to the ever-increasing demand for these professionals. What does a person need to do if he or she wants to direct his or her career towards a new profession - excavator operator? To begin with, he or she should look for proven training courses. There is an abundance of such offers on the market, but only some training centres have a really good offer and approach their participants with the same commitment as the CSO.

Our course

Welcome to our Operator Training Center for training in, for example, forklift operation, fibre-optic welding, maintenance of hand-held firefighting equipment or operation of construction machinery.

During the excavator course, our qualified instructors will teach you about these construction machines. The classes are divided into theoretical and practical parts. During the theoretical part, students will learn the most important information about health and safety, machine operation and construction. The practical part, on the other hand, involves learning how to operate an excavator, where the participant independently manipulates this type of equipment. Course for the excavator concludes with a state examination. After passing the exam, the participant is awarded a licence to practice the profession, which is granted indefinitely.


  • Single drum excavators, class III
  • Single drum excavators 1st class
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Single loader class III
  • Single loaders 1st class
  • Class III bulldozers - up to 110 KW
  • Bulldozers 1st class - all

Division of excavators

construction machineryDue to the nature of the work performed:

  • Intermittent cycle excavators - otherwise known as single-head excavators; are equipped with a single excavating vessel. Between the work stages, there are auxiliary stages. First, the excavating vessel is moved. The machine then empties it and returns to the original working position.
  • Continuous-cycle excavators - otherwise known as multiple excavators. They are equipped with multiple excavating vessels, connected by a closed chain or set on a bucket wheel. Between work stages, there are no breaks.

The construction (road) roller also plays a major role in the construction industry

Construction rollers - compact paving mixes in earthworks or road construction. They thus increase the efficiency of pavement rolling and compaction. They are responsible for faster work progress, which affects the quality of the pavement. They are used in places where roller pressure on the ground, generated by the driving of this massive machine, is needed.

Candidate requirements

  • Completion of 18 years of age
  • Lack of contraindications to exercise the profession as determined by the doctor
  • Education at least elementary


At present, there are two classes of certification in the group of earth-moving machinery - Class III and Class I

construction machineryIt is worth noting the required authorisation class when operating the device:

  • Backhoe loader - Class III authorisation for the operation of machines without limitations
  • Single excavator - Class III authorisation applies to the operation of machines up to 25 t gross weight, while Class I operates all types of machines with no limit on gross weight,
  • Bulldozer excavator - Class III authorisation applies to the operation of machinery without restrictions,
  • Multi-blade chain excavators - Class III authorisation for operating machines without limitations
  • Multi-purpose excavators - Class I authorisation for operating machines without limitations
  • Bulldozers - Class III ratings apply to the operation of machines up to 110 KW, while Class I applies to unlimited operation
  • Single loaders - Class III authorisation applies to the operation of machines up to 20 tonnes GVW.


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