Activities during operation

Activities while working with the crane

Work with the gantry should always be carried out in accordance with the health and safety rules and other requirements. This is the basis of employee safety.

To perform the duties of a crane operator, it is necessary course for gantries and passing the UDT examination for this device. During the UDT classes and exams, the subject of the operator's activities while working with the gantry is also discussed. What should you remember about?

Daily activities of the operator while working with the crane:

  • adherence to health and safety rules
  • control of the operation of the units and mechanisms of the crane
  • signaling about the operation of the device
  • use of personal protective equipment, such as a helmet, gloves - in accordance with the employer's requirements
  • carrying loads along a visible route, in the case of limited visibility, use the help of a signalman
  • following the signals or messages of the whistleblower - hook
  • keeping a safe distance from loads, things and people in the vicinity of the transport road
  • checking that there are no people under the load
  • strict compliance with the "stop" command
  • conducting maneuvers smoothly, without shocks and jerks
  • guiding the load at the correct speed
  • checking that the transported load is adjusted to the permissible lifting capacity of the device
  • proper securing of the load on the gripping device
  • transporting loads at a height enabling collision-free operation of the device
  • cargo storage in accordance with the principles of safe storage
  • controlling and taking into account atmospheric conditions during work

Detailed information on which rules must be followed when working with a gantry can be found in the relevant documents, such as health and safety instructions.

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