Pre-work activities

Activities before starting work with the gantry

In order to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents at work, the employee must comply with health and safety regulations and rules. Proper preparation for work is especially important. Every person who has a crane license receives information about where to start. We invite you to check with us!

The crane operator is obliged to perform appropriate checks before starting work, in order to ensure the safety of himself and other people.

It should be remembered that during the operation of the device it is necessary to follow the operating instructions and health and safety instructions - these documents contain detailed information on how to proceed. The main recommendations are presented below.

Daily activities of the operator before starting work with the crane:

  • checking the information contained in the operation (handover) book for a given device
  • checking the crane's working area so that there are no objects or people in its immediate vicinity that pose a threat or are exposed to danger
  • getting to know the loads intended for transport
  • reconciliation of signs and signals with the hook
  • preparing the place for storing goods and agreeing the method of their transport with the hook
  • inspection of the device - visual inspection of the efficiency of the device and the efficiency of its safety mechanisms
  • performing a test drive of the entire device
  • making a proper entry in the operation log

Correct performance of all the above steps will improve the safety of the crane and other people working in the area of the crane.

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