Mast climbing work platform operator course

This is a class combining theory and practice, designed for people who want to work as an operator. This is a profession that requires the acquisition of the relevant qualifications, confirmed by an UDT exam. As part of the mast lift course, we provide adequate preparation for this exam, as well as for subsequent work. Taking the exam for UDT entitlements is included in the price of the training.

Information about the course "Mast climbing platforms"

The scope of issues discussed during classes

The training consists of two parts, including:

  • Lectures: learning about the construction of mast platforms, their operation, regulations on technical inspection and the resulting obligations for the operator, safety rules for the operation of devices
  • Practical exercises: the classes take place on the maneuvering yard and include learning how to use the mast climbing work platform, with particular emphasis on safety issues

UDT exam and qualifications

People who pass the theoretical and practical parts can take the UDT exam. Trainings are planned well in advance so that the examination conducted by UDT (in Warsaw or another city where the training is organized) takes place as soon as possible after its completion.

The process of checking the qualifications takes place in two stages: first, the candidates take the knowledge test, and then an interview with the examiner at the device takes place.

A positive result of the exam means that the operator is granted the license valid for 10 years by the Office of Technical Inspection. They are valid in Poland. From June 2020, operators are simultaneously entitled to mast and stationary mobile lift platforms. To obtain other qualifications (for rises - self-propelled mobile platforms or other), you must take the exam separately.

Information for participants

The mobile landing exam and the course are available for people who are 18 years old at the beginning of the classes, have completed at least primary school, and whose health condition enables them to work in the profession (no medical contraindications, certified by a medical certificate).

Candidates for operators do not need to have experience in operating devices. It is possible to participate in groups in which instructors provide knowledge from scratch.

The duration of theoretical and practical classes is on average from 8 to 20, and a maximum of 35 hours. Shorter time applies to those people who have already dealt with platforms in their work and do not have to acquire all their knowledge from scratch.

The rest of the details about training courses for mobile platforms (price, dates, place of classes) can be found on our website There is a booking system on it, through which you can register for the course at the chosen date and place, also for online training.

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