Basic information about cranes

Overhead cranes

The gantry is a device that works in intermittent motion, which is equipped with a lifting and lowering mechanism. Overhead cranes belong to the larger category of cranes, i.e. lifting and transport devices used for vertical / horizontal movement of loads or people.

The gantry cranes are made of:

  • supporting structure
  • crane travel mechanism
  • trolley
  • the driving mechanism of the trolley
  • lifting mechanism
  • electrical apparatus and installation
  • safety devices
  • controls
  • cabins - in constructions with a cabin

Most often, overhead traveling cranes are used in short-term transport in industrial halls, in landfills, on railway sidings and in shipyards.

We divide the cranes:

  • for control: control from the working level, remotely, from the cabin
  • due to the type of drive: manual, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, mixed
  • due to the construction of the supporting structure: bridge, gate, suspended
  • due to the purpose: general purpose hooks, special

The operation of cranes in accordance with Polish law requires appropriate qualifications. If you want to obtain UDT qualifications for overhead cranes, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer at the SPA. We offer a professional course for gantries in categories II S and I S. We have many years of experience and provide our students with the highest level of service.

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