Get certified as a fibre optic welder with us!

Optical fiber welding equipment.

Nowadays, fast information transfer via the Internet has a significant impact on everyday life, the demand for high-speed connections is constantly growing, along with the amount of data transferred every day. Optical fiber technology, which is one of the most popular forms of links today, plays a key role here. Also in Poland, the demand for these technologies is still growing. Therefore, welding of optical fibers is one of the most frequently performed and most profitable welding jobs.

OSO has been conducting trainings for various professional groups for over fifteen years, including courses in fiber welding. With us, you can expand your competences under the guidance of experienced and committed instructors. Working with optical fibers requires great accuracy and technical skills, which you can learn under the supervision of our qualified trainers. Our course will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to start working in the profession. Additionally, after completing the course, our graduates receive a certificate confirming the acquired experience and entitling them to weld optical fibers.

Why is it worth choosing fiber optic welding training?

Currently, there is a high demand for workers trained in welding optical fibers on the job market for welders. Market trends indicate that this demand will only continue to grow. Many companies are looking for qualified fitters, so welders with appropriate training can now count on large earnings.

What does the course at OSO offer?

Graduates of our course have both a large amount of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in fiber optic welding. We offer, among others, knowledge in the field of:

  • types of fibers used in assembling optical fibers
  • types of fiber optic connectors
  • installation and maintenance of optical fiber connections
  • additional equipment needed to prepare the joint before welding
  • operating a fiber optic splicer
  • carrying out control measurements of optical fiber installations
  • Health and safety of fiber optic welding

Where is the training taking place?

Trainees during welding training

The headquarters of the OSO company is located in Warsaw, but our company also has centers throughout Poland. OSO trainings are open and available to everyone willing to expand their competences. It is also possible to organize a private closed training. In this case, our trainers are able to reach clients throughout the country and conduct the course in a place convenient for the client.

What does the training look like?

The aim of the course is to prepare graduates to work in fiber optic welding. The training consists of three parts

Theoretical partClasses on theoretical knowledge needed to work in fiber optic welding (classes on site or in the form of an online lecture on the educational platform)
Practical partTraining in the use of technical equipment necessary for the installation and maintenance of optical fibers, such as a fiber optic splicer or cable cutters
External examAn exam during which the instructors verify the knowledge and experience gained by the participants. Passing the exam entitles the student to receive a certificate confirming the skills acquired during the training.

What is the price for the course?

OSO offers attractive training discounts for companies and larger groups. In order to determine the cost of training, we recommend contacting one of our facilities directly. The final price for the entire training depends on many factors, such as the size of the group or the date of enrollment. In addition, employers willing to enter into longer cooperation with OSO in the field of training their employees can count on preferential rates. Our company is ready to offer you an offer tailored to the needs of each individual client, at a satisfactory price.

What is included in the price of the fiber welding course?

First of all, the price of the training includes the full number of hours included in the training description. This includes theoretical lectures and practical classes. Apart from the knowledge provided, the OSO company also offers our students a number of amenities:

  • Online training platform with a wide range of fiber welding training materials
  • Completion Supplement (for an additional fee - a certificate with a photo, needed to work in some countries)
  • Access to equipment needed for practical classes
  • Refreshments for participants of the course (coffee, tea, cookies)
  • Organization and conducting of the final exam

In addition, the OSO company also offers assistance in organizing accommodation for employees of companies commuting to the training.

How to sign up for a fiber welding course?

The OSO company offers training for both individual clients and companies willing to improve the qualifications of their employees. In the case of individual training, the client is assigned to the appropriate group on the basis of an interview and a questionnaire describing his previous professional experience and the level of knowledge in the subject of the training. Customers enrolling a group of their employees should prepare the following information:

  • number of people enrolled in the course
  • Education of people participating in the training
  • professional qualifications of students
  • previous experience in working with optical fiber welding equipment

Based on this information, our employees prepare an individual offer for the client, tailored to the needs of him and his employees.

Who can join the training?

Our company offers open training for anyone who would like to expand their competences with the skills needed to weld optical fibers. Trainees must meet two requirements:

  • age over 18
  • at least basic education
  • health condition that allows you to work in welding optical fibers

These requirements apply to both individual customers and corporate training. Anyone who meets the above requirements may participate in OSO training courses.

People and companies interested in improving their qualifications in fiber optic welding are welcome to contact us and arrange a training. Our employees are ready to prepare an individualized offer for clients, tailored to the needs of everyone who is willing to develop professionally.


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