Repair of hoists and winches

Hoists and winches - characteristics 

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Hoists and winches are cranes that belong to handling machinery and are subject to supervision by the Technical Inspection Authority. Both devices are used to transport materials and are widely used in various industries. They are used in both construction and industry. We can find them in workshops, assembly halls or warehouses. Winches and hoists are where goods handling is carried out.  

Just like any piece of equipment, hoists and winches can also be damaged or destroyed. Their parts deteriorate over time and require maintenance. The Operator Training Centre can help you with this! We offer professional services for the repair, modernisation and maintenance of hoists and winches. 

Maintenance and service of hoists and winches 

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The repair and servicing of hoists and winches, as with any piece of equipment that is subject to technical supervision, is extremely important. Maintenance of these machines should be very thorough and carried out by specialists.  

The Operator Training Centre has a professional, well-qualified team with extensive knowledge and the best tools and spare parts for repairs. We provide you with comprehensive services that range from repairing and servicing hoists and winches to consulting on the proper use of these devices and the selection of spare parts. Our range of services includes: 

  • verification of the operation of the drive mechanisms, 
  • checking the operation of signalling, control and lighting equipment, 
  • checking the functioning of safety components, 
  • overall diagnostics of the operation, 
  • measurement and assessment of wear and tear on load-bearing components, 
  • testing the condition of the fire protection installation and the running track, 
  • load testing, 
  • preparation of documentation in accordance with applicable standards and regulations, 
  • service with modern technology. 

In addition, we carry out painting, brake adjustment and the topping up and tightening of bolts. We also prepare winches and hoists for periodic examinations by UDT inspectors. 

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Before servicing the equipment, we start with a careful and very thorough analysis of the technical condition of the hoists or winches. After the surveys, we receive documentation to see the cause of the failure and plan the repair in detail. 

A bit of information about winches and hoists 

Hoists, like winches, are materials handling equipment with a wide range of applications and are very commonly used in many jobs. They are classified as so-called simple cranes with a severely limited reach. However, there are differences between the two machines.  


Hoists are machines designed to lift goods vertically. The load is lifted by means of special ropes or chain, using a hook. It is often moved along a track that is stationary, but can also be used to work in one place. Its housing is also a load-bearing structure.

We can divide hoists into three types, based on their drive. We distinguish between: 

  • electric hoists, 
  • pneumatic hoists, 
  • manual hoists. 

In the case of electric and pneumatic hoists, the driving mechanism is the gears and motor. As far as the manual hoist is concerned, we use worm gears and planetary gears, as well as a multi-pulley transmission.  

The second division is the distinction by tendons. Here we distinguish between: 

  • wire rope hoists, 
  • chain hoists. 
winch during maintenance


Hoists are machines designed to lift goods vertically and move them laterally. As with hoists, the load is lifted by means of special cables or chain, using a hook. However, when it comes to hoists, the supporting structure is a fixed, sliding or travelling frame. They can be divided into three types: 

  • hydraulic winches, 
  • electric winches, 
  • winches with external drive. 

So, as we can see, the word 'hoist' and 'winch' are not the same thing. The two devices are slightly different.  

Differences between hoist and winch 
Type of device: Carrier element Scope of work 
hoist Device housing. Loads move upwards as well as downwards. 
winch Separate element (frame). Loads move upwards, downwards and sideways.  

What is important to us? 

We are committed to our customer's satisfaction. For this reason, in addition to the repairs and maintenance performed, we monitor the condition of the equipment and notify you of our observations.  

In addition, we record the following activities in the protocol: 

  • review results, 
  • comments on the condition of the winch or hoist, 
  • our recommendations for additional activities, 
  • proposals for spare parts. 

OSO is distinguished by its punctuality and the fact that we always try to be flexible and adapt repair times to your needs. Do you have problems with spare parts? No worries. Together with fast delivery, we will pull them off without a problem.  

The Operators' Training Centre focuses on customer communication. We always dedicate a person to contact you, explain everything and answer questions. 

Welcome to SPA 

We have many years of experience and our service is of a very high standard. Our employees are high-calibre specialists who are passionate about repairing even the most complicated devices. We try to complete the work as quickly as possible, because we know it is important to you. At the same time, we are very thorough and check everything repeatedly. Our experts are happy to clarify doubts and give you the necessary advice. We provide affordable and competitive prices.  

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Our head office is in Warsaw, but we also provide services in other Polish cities. 

OSO also provides specialised training. Our teaching methods are state-of-the-art and allow for effective knowledge transfer. The instructors are highly qualified and have many years of experience in their respective fields. 

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the various courses offered by our centre. Among other things, we offer such training courses as: for crane operators, forklift trucks, first aid, fire-fighting courses, initial and periodic OHS courses and many others.  

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