Construction equipment:

In fact, it is impossible to imagine any construction site without an excavator, scaffold and roller. Every construction site contains this equipment, which makes work incredibly easy and efficient. In fact, nowadays, without these pieces of equipment, some construction stages would be unfeasible. We encourage you to always take care of the equipment, as well as the qualifications of the people who will be carrying out the work in question. When we talk about construction machinery, we are also talking about safety. Take a look at today's article on construction machinery.


What is a roller used for? What is this device? We already have the answer! The roller is designed for the compaction of soil during earthworks. Its function is to prepare the soil for further work. It definitely improves the work and makes it go much faster. It is difficult to carry out construction work without a roller.

How is a cylinder constructed?

The roller has a frame, a shaft, a housing, a motor, a control system and also a mechanism closely related to the operation of the shaft.

The roller is ideal for:

  • Curing the ground and preparing it for further work
  • Soil compaction
  • Compaction of the upper embankments

photo of construction site


What is an excavator?

An excavator is a great machine without which construction work could not succeed. The excavator is used for earthworks, such as separating the excavated material and loading it onto transport machines or to its destination.

How is an excavator built?

There are many types and kinds of excavators on the market, hence their construction differs. However, they share common features, otherwise they would not all be excavators. Each excavator consists of a chassis, which is the carrier assembly, and a body, which contains the engine, operator's cab and controls.

What are the typical divisions of excavators?

Excavators are distinguished into those operating in continuous and intermittent cycles:

  • Continuous cycle - these machines do not stop working, each successive cycle starting just after the previous one has finished. Their equipment includes a whole host of excavating vessels, which are either connected by a chain or are positioned on a bucket wheel.
  • Intermittent cycle - these excavators have only one excavating vessel. The work is not continuous as each work stage is followed by an auxiliary moment. The machine moves the excavating vessel, empties it and returns to position.


roller work on siteScaffolding allows you to work at heights. It should be borne in mind that this work is not a safe one, so the structure must be installed by qualified people with the appropriate licences under supervision.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is erected for a specific period of ongoing work. The purpose of scaffolding is to provide comfort and safety when working at height.

Scaffolding - what work is it used for?

  • When bringing in different materials
  • For maintenance
  • When painting
  • In many other works on site where activities/actions are undertaken at height

It is very important to be aware of the standards and all regulations to maintain safety on the construction site. It is essential that the scaffolding is assembled, used and dismantled by authorised persons. The design of the scaffolding and the instructions for its use are also important. Only after the construction manager has approved the design can work on the scaffolding begin. The approval used should be recorded in the building log.

It is recommended that we pay attention to what equipment we choose. Remember that safety and the quality of the work carried out are of paramount importance. Well-chosen machines allow for a construction project that runs smoothly and quickly. By taking care of your working comfort, you also take care of the result.

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