Audit of UDT machinery

Our company has been auditing UDT machines for more than a dozen years. Our work includes checking the technical condition of the machine, diagnostics, technical tests and much more, all to ensure that the machine is fully operational. The work we carry out complies with the recommendations of the Office of Technical Inspection.

Definition of UDT equipment

UDT device diagnostics

UDT equipment received its name through its affiliation to the Office of Technical Inspection. This group of equipment mainly includes machines that have been given the colloquial name of heavy equipment. Persons wishing to work with them must be specially authorised. In order to obtain a licence, it is first necessary to undergo training and then to pass a state examination. Machines in the UDT category are mainly used to carry out transport, loading and unloading work. There is also a breakdown into different categories of distinctive equipment: 

  • non-pressurised equipment, 
  • pressure equipment, 
  • handling equipment, 
  • fuel vapour recovery equipment. 

Technical inspection 

The Office of Technical Inspection, according to established rules, requires registration of each piece of equipment under their authority and the performance of routine technical inspections. An inspection is carried out on each piece of equipment and must be carried out by a set deadline. This inspection is certified by the authority by means of a statement. We make it possible for you to carry out all the formalities quickly and correctly, which will make a significant difference to the time it takes to carry out this type of work. We also offer technical advice.  


We carry out diagnostics and inspections of equipment that counts as material handling equipment, namely: 

  • HDS cranes, 
  • cranes, 
  • forklift trucks, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • mobile platforms (including scissor lifts and basket lifts), 
  • industrial lifts. 

By using the machine frequently during work, wear and tear increases proportionally in terms of operation, which means that more care needs to be taken of the machine. 

How does the audit work? 

Carrying out control tests

An audit of the UDT equipment, are all activities designed to determine the technical condition of a machine in terms of safety for its user. The purpose of the audit is to detect potential failures, as well as to find risks that may be associated with the use of the equipment. When carrying out an audit, we perform such activities as: 

  • review and production of technical documentation, 
  • preliminary diagnostic tests, 
  • security screening, 
  • decision-making on the implementation of the review, 
  • completion of UDT-related documents, 
  • to decide whether the machine should continue to work.  

Our other services  

We also provide training for people who want to become operators of these machines. Training consists of lectures on theoretical knowledge, followed by learning how to work with the machines. Our training consists of preparing participants to pass the state examination without any problems. 

Questions from our customers

Audit of which equipment do you perform?

We audit materials handling equipment, i.e. overhead cranes, HDS cranes, forklift trucks, mobile platforms (including scissor and basket) and telehandlers. 

What activities do you perform during an audit?

We carry out a number of necessary investigations during the audit, including: review and execution of technical documentation, safety checks, preliminary diagnostic tests, completion of UDT documents, any repairs in the event of an improper audit pass, and many other UDT machine-related services. 

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