Repair of HDS cranes

HDS cranes - characteristics 

maintainer of HDS cranes

HDS cranes, also known as hydraulic truck cranes or mobile (handling) cranes, are made up of a crane installed on the truck. It is located either between the box and the driver's cab or at the rear of the vehicle. These cranes have a mechanical drive, a rotating column and a boom system. HDS cranes are mounted on vehicles or trailers and are subject to supervision by the Technical Inspection Authority. These devices are used for handling, lifting and moving e.g. containers, which is why they are found in a wide range of industrial sectors. They can be seen, for example, on ships and in land ports, but also in warehouses, construction sites and workshops.  

Just like any technical equipment, HDS cranes can also break down and require prompt service. The Operator Training Centre is happy to help you with the maintenance of these machines! We provide expert services in the sphere of upgrading, repairing and also servicing HDS cranes. 

Repair and service of HDS cranes

HDS crane in warehouse

The safety of both the HDS crane operator and those on site and anywhere near the equipment is paramount. This is why HDS crane maintenance should be extremely thorough and carried out by professionals. Careless servicing can lead to injury and even cost human lives.   

The Operator Training Centre has the best tools and a well-qualified and professional team with a great deal of expertise. We offer you a holistic service that ranges from repairing HDS cranes to consulting on the correct use of the equipment and the selection of spare parts. In our offer you will find: 

  • diagnosis and review, 
  • Repairs to hydraulic systems: replacement of hydraulic lines and technical seals, and removal of leaks from the system, 
  • machining of large HDS crane parts, 
  • replacement of valves, distributors, locks, repair of hydraulic motors, 
  • Locksmith work, welding, 
  • complete renovation (including sandblasting, painting), 
  • electrical installation service, 
  • service with modern technology, 
  • registration of machinery with the Technical Inspection Authority. 

Before we carry out any maintenance on a machine, the first thing we do is carry out a very careful and extremely thorough analysis of the technical condition. We check the condition of the braking systems or drive mechanisms. We verify how the lighting and signalling equipment works and check the safety features of the HDS cranes. With the documentation and after the examination, we see the cause of the failure and plan the repair of the hydraulic truck cranes. 

HDS cranes in the construction industry

HDS cranes have become a consolidating part of the construction industry. They can lift up to 500 tonnes of cargo, as they have high lifting power and a robust design. The use of these machines is varied, for example on the construction of tall buildings and other structures, on railway terminals or warships. They can be used for transporting construction materials as well as for transporting timber (with grapple and rotator). These devices differ from other cranes in that they can move loads both horizontally and vertically and over short and long distances.  

In addition to handling-type cranes, there are other types. 

We distinguish: 

  • mobile cranes, 
  • tower cranes, 
  • harbour and shipyard cranes, 
  • floating cranes, 
  • mobile cranes. 

Here are some basic differences between self-erecting cranes (called cranes) and mobile cranes (HDS).

HDS cranes vs. mobile cranes 
HDS cranes Mobile cranes 
It can lift up to several tonnes of material. It can carry up to several hundred tonnes of material. 
It is used for handling and transporting goods. It is used for the handling of goods. 
Car-mounted crane. A crane mounted on a chassis. 
A licence is required to operate the device. 

Which crane to choose for certain jobs is sometimes not so obvious and it can be hard to choose for yourself. OSO can help you choose and will point out the differences between the different types of cranes, making the choice easier.   

What is important to us? 

We are a competent company that performs all service work professionally. We are committed to our customer's satisfaction. The OSO company is characterised by its punctuality, and also by the fact that we take great care and care to be flexible and try to harmonise repair times with your needs.  

Problems with spare parts? Not for us. We will import them for you without any problems. 

For the Operator Training Centre, communication with the customer is extremely important, which is why we always dedicate a person to be in contact with the customer, explain everything and answer your questions. Nothing will be left unclear.  

Why SPA? 

persons in the workshop repairing HDS cranes

OSO has many years of experience and our repair services are of a very high standard. The employees are high-calibre specialists who can repair even the most complicated equipment. We carry out the work as quickly as possible, because we realise how important it is that an interruption at a port or construction site is not too long. At the same time, we are extremely thorough and test everything many times. Our specialists are happy to clarify queries and doubts and give you the necessary advice. We provide competitive and affordable prices. Our head office is located in Warsaw.  

The Operator Training Centre provides professional training. The teaching methods we use are state-of-the-art and thus make the knowledge transferred very effective. The instructors are people with many years of experience and are highly qualified. 

So we encourage you to familiarise yourself on our website with the extensive amount of training we have. Among other things, we offer training courses such as first aid training, initial and periodic occupational health and safety courses, fire safety courses, courses for heights, as well as for overhead crane operators, forklift truck operators and much more.     

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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