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Cranes - characteristics 

Cranes, also known as cranes, are crane machines made up of a column and a boom. They are most often found on construction sites, although they also perform a significant function in industry and transport. They are used for loading, moving various materials and handling heavy loads, which makes construction work easier. 

Just like any technical equipment, cranes can also break down and require immediate repair. The Operator Training Centre can help you with this! We offer professional repair, modernisation and also maintenance services for all types of cranes.  

Repair and maintenance of cranes 

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The design of a piece of equipment such as a crane is not simple, so its maintenance should be very thorough and carried out by specialists. This is of paramount importance if we are talking about the safety of both the machine operator and the people on site. Inaccurate maintenance can cause damage to health and even cost human lives.  

OSO has professional, well-chosen tools for each type of crane and, most importantly, a specialised, well-qualified team. 

We provide you with a comprehensive service that includes not only repairing cranes, but also consulting on the proper use of the equipment. Repair works with us are those that are planned and emergency works.  

Among other things, we carry out scheduled service when: 

  • crane components are worn and need to be replaced, 
  • there is a change in the form of generation, 
  • the company wants to improve the functionality of the crane operation, 
  • changes are taking place, in regulations that impose new obligations. 

Emergency service is performed when a sudden machine breakdown occurs. This one can occur when the machine is already years old, when the operating conditions are substandard or in case of poor handling by the operator.  

We always do a careful and very thorough technical condition analysis first before carrying out maintenance on the equipment. With the documentation and after the examination we see the cause of the failure and plan the repair. Our service offerings include: 

  • diagnostics, 
  • technical research, 
  • preparation of a maintenance project for the equipment, 
  • conceptualisation with the relevant TDT/UDT authority, 
  • service with modern technology. 

Our car is our knowledge of the materials handling equipment market and our extensive technical expertise. We also keep an eye on the market, are always up to date with the latest developments in the world of technology and therefore offer our customers the best possible equipment and technical solutions. 

We use high-quality components for repairs so that the device will continue to function well for years to come.  

Cranes - general information 

Cranes vary in size (from those with an overhang of a few metres, to giants with an overhang of over 100 metres). However, they always have a few things in common. The basic parts of any crane are the column and the boom.  

Types of cranes 
Type: Description: 
tower These are huge machines that we see on all kinds of construction sites. They are also used in logistics and industry. The height of such a crane is capable of reaching up to 100 metres. Due to the working conditions, there is quite often wear and tear on its components and the crane itself often requires servicing.  
transportable Mobile cranes have a chassis that enables them to travel short distances. They are mounted on a trailer and have no drive of their own.  
self-propelled The crane of self-erecting cranes is placed on a chassis. The crane can move without a specially prepared road, leaving its stability under the action of gravity. It can be: crawler, wheeled off-road, truck-mounted  
mobile Mobile cranes (a.k.a. handling cranes) are placed on the chassis of a delivery truck or lorry. It is used to load and unload material from the vehicle.  

In addition to the types mentioned above, a distinction can be made between harbour and shipyard cranes (used for loading and unloading ships), floating cranes (used for work on the open seas).  

All cranes are subject to Technical Inspection and special licences are needed to operate them. 

What is important to us? 

front desk person talking to a customer

We are a company that performs maintenance services professionally and we care about our customer's satisfaction. We excel at punctuality and always try to be flexible and adapt repair times for you.  

Problems with spare parts? Not for us. We will source them for you. 

We place great emphasis on customer communication and therefore dedicate a special person to whom you will get in touch, who will be at your disposal, explain everything and answer questions. Nothing will be left unclear.  

Why SPA? 

We have many years of experience and our company provides a very high level of repair services. Our employees are high-class specialists who can repair even the most complicated things. We carry out the work as quickly as possible, because we know how important it is that the interruption in construction work does not last too long. At the same time, we are very thorough and check everything repeatedly. Our experts are happy to clarify any doubts and provide the necessary guidance. We provide affordable, competitive prices. Our head office is in Warsaw. 

maintenance of HDS crane

The Operator Training Centre also provides professional training. The teaching methods we use are state-of-the-art and enable knowledge to be passed on effectively, and the instructors are highly qualified and have many years of experience. 

We therefore encourage you to take a look at the wide range of courses we have on offer on our website. Among other things, we offer training courses such as initial and periodic occupational health and safety courses, first aid training, fire safety courses, courses for heights, as well as for crane operators, cranes and many others.  

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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